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5 Best Collars for Double-Coated Dogs by a Dog Trainer

Best Collars for Double-Coated Dogs
Written by Abner

Finding the right shock collar for double-coated dogs can be a challenge, especially when standard prongs fail to make contact with their skin. I faced this dilemma until I discovered a set of shock collars tailored to this specific need.

Up ahead, I’ll share my experiences with five outstanding products designed for such breeds. Whether you have a Labrador, Norwegian Elkhound, Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky, or any other fluffy companion, these collars dig deeper to deliver the stimulation right to the skin.

Say goodbye to the annoyances of ineffective collars and embrace the peace that accompanies a well-trained and cooperative dog. Your dog’s happiness and your training achievements are just a smart collar away.

Best Collars for Double-Coated Dogs – Long Contact Points at Your Service

Image Name Price
Educator E-Collar for Double Coated Dogs Check Price
SportDOG Brand 425 Shock Collar for Thick Fur Check Price
SportDOG YardTrainer Shock Collar for Double Coated Dogs Check Price
Bousnic Budget Waterproof Electric Shock Collar Check Price
Educator K9 Tactical Dog Collar Check Price

From the Educator K9 Tactical Dog Collar’s unmatched durability to the simplicity and reliability of the SportDOG Brand 425 Shock Collar, I’ve got the lowdown on the best ones. 

1. Educator E-Collar for Double-Coated Dogs

For double-coated dogs, the Educator K9 Tactical Dog Collar has unmatched durability, a remarkable 1-mile range, and finely tuned stimulation levels for effective and safe training in various scenarios.

Design: Tailored for Double-Coated Dogs

It was a real game plan for a labrador that I was training. The genius two-point design and those extra-long prongs made it a snug fit for that lab’s double coat and loose skin. 

Plus, the remote is a handy companion, fitting like a glove in hand and rocking a lanyard for the days when carrying it feels like too much.

Features: Mix and Match Training Magic

From gentle vibrations to adjustable stimuli levels (from 1 to 99), it’s got all the bells and whistles. I found the vibration worked like a charm, getting the pup’s attention 90% of the time. 

And let’s not forget the light feature – a lifesaver during those nighttime walks. The remote’s user-friendliness and the light show make it a must-have tool for hassle-free training.

Effectiveness: The Sidekick You Didn’t Know You Needed

Afterfive solide weeks of training sessions, this collar slid into my routine like butter on hot toast. We started lovingly calling it the “good doggy collar.” It’s the unsung hero, reinforcing commands effortlessly, especially during those off-leash adventures. 

The long-distance command feature, paired with those well-thought contact points, turned country walks into a breeze. The pup would come running back like a champ, adding an extra layer of safety and fun not only for the dog but also for the owner.

Tailored Solutions for Specific Breeds: Norwegian Elkhound

If you’ve got a stubborn furball like a Norwegian Elkhound that I trained last year, you’ll get why this collar is pure gold. Despite initial recall hiccups, within a week, it will tame your pup’s wild side. 

Table-jumping and other puppy antics will take a back seat. It will give you the control and confidence you never knew you needed.

Customized Solutions for Huskies: Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky

For those fluffy breeds like Alaskan Malamutes and Siberian Huskies, extra gear is a must. The Thick-Haired Contact Points, though an extra expense, solve connectivity issues like a boss. 

At first, you may not need them but during my time with extra-fluffy breeds, I had to rely on those. The company went above and beyond, whipping up custom contact points to tackle that specific problem. 

Sure, the upfront cost may raise an eyebrow, but the results are worth every penny.

Conclusion: Shake Hands with a Smart Move

It’s a tad pricier than the budget buddies, but the results, the design, and the tailored solutions for specific breeds – it’s all worth it. 

Say goodbye to trial-and-error with those cheaper collars and say hello to the confidence and control this gem brings. 


  • Tailored design for double-coated dogs
  • Versatile training options with vibration and adjustable stimuli levels
  • Effective for off-leash adventures, ensuring safety and control
  • Thoughtful features like the light option for nighttime walks
  • User-friendly remote with a convenient lanyard
  • Customized solutions for specific breeds, addressing unique challenges


  • Higher initial cost compared to budget alternatives
  • Additional expenses for accessories like Thick-Haired Contact Points

2. SportDOG Brand 425 Shock Collar for Thick Fur

The SportDOG Brand 425 Shock Collar proved to be a user-friendly and effective training tool, offering tailored intensity levels to address distractions, improve leash manners, and bring noticeable results in behavior modification.

Design: Streamlined and User-Friendly

The SportDOG Brand 425 Shock Collar’s design is a winner in my book just like the Educator E-Collar. The remote, with its three clearly labeled buttons, makes navigating through different levels a breeze. 

Training a Mini Aussie became more manageable thanks to the intuitive layout. The compact size fits snugly in my hand, and the sturdy build gives it a reassuring feel.

Features: Tailored for Thick Fur

One standout feature is the variation in intensity levels. With three buttons catering to different levels, it’s like having a volume control for training. The light level, my personal favorite, provides a gentle nudge, and my pup seems to get the message. 

Even on the medium setting, the collar proved effective, eliciting a yelp when needed. The key here, though, is finding the sweet spot, adjusting for both snugness and fur thickness.

Effectiveness: A Game-Changer for Distraction-Prone Pups

The SportDOG collar stepped up to the challenge, especially during outdoor escapades, of keeping that dog inside boundaries. Her recall, once hampered by distractions, started benefiting from the beep and vibrations. 

The collar served as a quick redirect, making walks and park visits a more controlled and enjoyable experience. Occasionally, the zap feature requires a bit of tinkering, but overall, it’s a small price to pay for enhanced training.

Final Thoughts: A Reliable Training Companion

The SportDOG Brand 425 Shock Collar for Thick Fur has proven itself a valuable training companion. 

Its thoughtful design, varied features, and undeniable effectiveness make it a worthwhile investment for dog owners seeking a reliable solution to behavioral challenges.


  • User-friendly remote design with three easy-to-use buttons
  • Variety in intensity levels for tailored training
  • Effective in redirecting distractions during walks and outdoor activities
  • Helpful in curbing unruly behaviors and improving leash manners
  • Versatile for different dog breeds and coat types
  • Thoughtful design with a solid build for durability
  • Quick and noticeable results in behavior modification


  • Some experimentation is required to find the right tightness for fur thickness
  • Limited differentiation between buttons for sound and stimulation levels

3. SportDOG YardTrainer Shock Collar for Double-Coated Dogs

Training a double-coated troublemaker like that 5-month-old retriever had me pulling my hair out until I stumbled upon this collar. The design tailored for thick fur, with adjustable settings from 1 to 8, made a world of difference. 

The furball, a sweet yet knuckleheaded boy, responded promptly to both vibration and static modes. No more daily stress hitting a solid 10 for his owner – this collar dropped it to a soothing 2.

Features: Versatility and Command Mastery

Different settings for vibration, tones, and shock, ranging from 1 to 8 on intensity, let me tailor the training precisely. Now, a simple “heel” command has dogs right by my side. 

The easy-to-use design, with only 3 buttons and an intensity wheel, made this a must-have. It made command mastery a breeze, really. Learn commands alongside this collar, and you’re set for success.

Effectiveness: A Well-Behaved Pooch

Ease of use is where this collar shines. A 2-hour charge, collar fitting, and simple button operations – my daily routine transformed. From yelping at level 1 to the occasional need for level 3, many dogs behaved with newfound respect for commands. 

The beep sound was confusing, but the vibration warned effectively. The strongest setting needed was a mere 3 in 2 months, resulting in a well-behaved dog and a happy owner.

Beyond Expectations

In summary, this collar exceeds expectations. Its lightweight and clear instructions make it a breeze to use.


  • Tailored design for thick fur
  • Adjustable settings (1 to 8) for versatile training
  • Prompt response to vibration and static modes
  • Easy to use with only 3 buttons and an intensity wheel
  • Effective command mastery with quick results
  • The 2-hour charge for hassle-free usability
  • Lightweight and clear instructions
  • Outstanding customer service, going above and beyond


  • Beep sound may confuse the dog
  • Shock feature should be used with utmost consideration
  • Not suitable for really small breeds

4. Bousnic Budget Waterproof Electric Shock Collar

Wrangling two rowdy German Shepherds at a time was never this smoother, all thanks to the Bousnic Budget Waterproof Electric Shock Collar. Let’s break it down – no frills, just the nitty-gritty.

Design: Ready for Anything

Forget the collar guesswork. Bousnic’s design is spot-on. No sleep mode shenanigans; it’s always on standby. Those long prongs are a genius move for double coats, ensuring constant contact without any fiddling.

Features: No-Nonsense Controls

The remote is like a dog whisperer’s magic wand. Labeled buttons for vibrate, beep, and shock – no more button bingo. With separate buttons for each function and a dog toggle, it’s a breeze managing two dogs. 

The rechargeable batteries play the long game, going over two weeks strong, and the backlit screen is perfect for those nighttime adventures.

Effectiveness: Vibes Before Zaps

Let’s talk effectiveness – the vibrate function is a powerhouse. Shock? Rarely needed. A gentle tap and the dogs come running. With this collar, I guarantee that peace will reign in your home, and the neighborhood will be drama-free. 

The shock, tried on yours truly (ouch!), is more of a jolt than anything painful, making sure the dogs toe the line without unnecessary discomfort.

Ease of Use: Set-Up Made Simple, Lights, Not So Much

Setting up is also quite easy here. The lights are, though, a bit of a puzzler. Red, green, blinking – figuring out if they’re on or off is a mini-challenge. 

A quick setup section in the manual would serve you well to figure that out. Similarly, toggling between dogs and functions might stump you initially, but once you crack the code, it’s smooth sailing.


If you’re in the market for control with a dash of simplicity, this one’s a winner. Highly recommended for those looking to bring some order to their dog’s escapades.


  • Ready-to-go design, no sleep mode headaches
  • Long prongs for double-coated dogs, hassle-free contact
  • Simple and labeled remote buttons for vibrate, beep, and shock
  • Separate buttons for each function and a dog toggle for easy management
  • Impressive battery life, lasting over two weeks with daily use
  • Backlit screen for nighttime adventures
  • Powerful vibrate function often makes shock unnecessary
  • Shock, though a jolt, ensures response without undue discomfort
  • Quick and straightforward setup
  • Collars charge without needing to be removed


  • Lights on collars can be confusing (red, green, blinking)
  • Toggling between dogs and functions may be confusing initially

5. Educator K9 Tactical Dog Collar

Unlike its counterparts in the $20-$49 range, this collar boasts a remarkable range, working seamlessly whether you’re yards away at a football field or just inches from your four-legged friend.


The remote, a simple yet powerful tool, offers two buttons that can make all the difference. The first button delivers a split-second shock, more of a surprise than pain. 

I tested it on myself first—I’m not into causing any harm to animals—and, believe me, it’s more about startling than hurting just like the rest of the products here. 

The second button, marked with a red ‘S,’ provides continuous stimulation, crucial for situations where distance is a challenge.

Features: More Than Just a Shock Collar

This collar is a comprehensive training aid. Vibrations, lights, and a distinct beep add layers to your training toolkit. The collar’s waterproof feature is a godsend, ensuring functionality even when your furball decides to take an impromptu swim. 

But the real deal? The range. A staggering 1 mile of coverage means you can command your pup’s attention even in potentially dangerous scenarios.

For me, dealing with a six-month-old, 90lb Cane Corso, it became evident that early training is the key. 

This collar became my go-to tool, ensuring that the dog learns to stay by the owner’s side and follow commands without relying on treats.

Effectiveness: Safety First, Every Time

When you’re dealing with a powerful breed like the Cane Corso, safety is non-negotiable. The Educator K9 Collar acts as a backup safety device, preventing potential disasters. 

The split-second response from that dog, rushing 600 yards to protect anything it sets its mind to. speaks volumes about the collar’s effectiveness.

But it’s not just about power. The stimulation levels are finely tuned, preventing unnecessary distress to your dog. 

It is a tool that adapts to your dog’s needs. Whether you’re into IPO training, regular obedience, or recall exercises, this collar proves its worth.


  • Phenomenal design with unmatched durability.
  • Effective even at a distance, with a remarkable range.
  • Simple and powerful remote with two buttons for varied stimulation.
  • Split-second shock for surprise, not pain.
  • Continuous stimulation for challenging situations.
  • Comprehensive training aids with vibrations, lights, and sound.
  • Waterproof for functionality in all situations, including swims.
  • Impressive 1-mile range for commanding attention in any scenario.
  • Essential for early training, fostering trust and obedience.
  • Backup safety device, preventing potential disasters.
  • Finely tuned stimulation levels for the dog’s comfort.
  • Adaptable for various training needs, including IPO and obedience.


  • Remote’s exterior may feel less tactile compared to some competitors.
  • Buckle on the collar, while fast and smooth, could be more tactile.
  • Battery life may vary, though it generally exceeds expectations.

Double-Coated Dogs Collars – Conclusion

Choosing the ideal shock collar for your double-coated dog is a wise decision, providing customized designs, flexible training features, and effective solutions for your fluffy breeds. 

Though some options come with a higher price tag, the tangible results, thoughtful design, and breed-specific solutions justify the investment. So, hop to it and begin training!

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