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5 Best Shock Collars for Small Dogs with Proper Fit

Best Shock Collars for Small Dogs
Written by Abner

The delicate nature of smaller breeds requires careful consideration in training tools to ensure both the effectiveness and the well-being of the furry companions. 

But searching for the ideal shock collar can be a time-consuming task and I want to save you time and effort.

I’ve done all the legwork after rigorous testing with various breeds. These collars have undergone thorough examination, addressing the nuances of training smaller breeds effectively. 

Read on to discover the top shock collars(do dogs need to wear collars) that strike the right balance between humane correction and successful training.

Best Training Collars for Small Dogs That Are of The Right Size

Image Name Price
DT Systems IDT-Plus Micro Dog Trainer Collar Receiver Check Price
Bousnic Dog Shock Collar for 2 Dogs – ( 8-120lbs) Check Price
PetSpy M686 Premium Dog Training Shock Collar Check Price
ABBIDOT Training Collar for Dogs (8-120 lbs) Check Price
HKZOOI Dog Training Collar Check Price

Let’s find your next collar without wasting your time.

1. DT Systems IDT-Plus Micro – Small Dog Trainer Collar

The DT Systems IDT-Plus, in my experience, emerged as a practical and efficient tool for training the dogs under my care. Despite being a bit bulky on the dogs, they appeared unfazed by it. 

What caught my attention was the adjustable shock, allowing me to fine-tune the training intensity for each dog, ensuring a humane yet effective correction.


The impressive range ensured reliable communication, even when the dogs were a bit away. The vibration function as compared to other stimulations proved to be a gentler alternative useful for less severe corrections. 

However, a real challenge arose when the collar accidentally fell into the water. Regrettably, the charger didn’t survive the mishap. 

Apart from that, it’s worth noting that the small and unique male connector made finding a replacement charger a bit challenging. 


While labeling it as a shock collar may be uncomfortable, for those dealing with energetic or distracted dogs, this tool proved highly effective. Traditional training methods fell short when I was training an overly energetic Pomeranian. 

Even a previous collar couldn’t match the level of distraction. In contrast, the DT Systems IDT-Plus provided a reliable means of getting the dogs’ attention, ensuring their safety and the safety of others. 

Consequently, it became a crucial tool for redirecting their focus, especially in potentially dangerous situations.


  • Practical and efficient for dog training
  • Adjustable ‘shock value’ for humane yet effective correction
  • Versatile functionality with an impressive distance range
  • Vibration function for less severe corrections
  • Effective in getting the dogs’ attention, especially in distracting situations


  • Slightly bulky on the dogs
  • Charger may not withstand water exposure

2. Bousnic Dog Shock Collar for 2 Small Dogs – ( 8-120lbs)

The set, equipped with one remote for both collars, displayed an excellent design. Importantly, I went for the size small, but do keep in mind the potential excess collar material for smaller dogs.

Before setting it up, charging was a breeze, with both collars and the remote juicing up quickly and maintaining a lasting charge even after the training. 

You’ll note during your training sessions that this is crucial for uninterrupted training, making it a hassle-free tool.

Features: Beep, Vibration, and Shock – Tailored Training

Now, shifting gears to the features, I initiated the training process with the non-invasive beep and vibration settings before moving on to the shock feature because I was dealing with a Frenchie. 

The shock nubs are equipped with prongs for thick-coated dogs, enhancing the collar’s adaptability.

Effectively, this collar became my go-to solution, successfully curbing undesirable behaviors such as preventing door-rushing to reducing jumping on guests. In no time, the collar helped me transform those dogs into obedient companions. 

Even during the owner’s home-based esthetician sessions, the collars kept them calm without disrupting her work.

Effectiveness: A Lifesaver for Stubborn Pups

Speaking of effectiveness beyond what I said above, the collars truly shone in taming a stubborn 3-year-old pit mix. 

Traditional correction methods failed with him, but the Bousnic collar, with its beep, buzz, and shock options, made an immediate impact. 

I basically used them in succession to one another, thus, increasing the overall effect of the collar based on the dog’s temperament. The elder 14-year-old beagle benefited too, with warnings and buzzes keeping play sessions in check.

For the pit, level 3 shock sufficed, and the beagle responded well to the beep or buzz, eliminating the need for shocks. 

The collar’s humane approach was evident, as the dogs often expressed remorse rather than distress after a correction.


  • Effective training solution for stubborn dogs
  • Well-designed with a single remote for two collars
  • Quick and lasting charging for collars and remote
  • Adjustable for smaller dogs with potential excess material
  • Non-invasive beep and vibration settings before shock
  • Comes with extender arms for thick-coated dogs
  • Humane approach with visible effectiveness
  • Reasonably priced compared to professional training
  • Swift impact on behavioral issues


  • Excess collar material for smaller dogs

3. PetSpy M686 Premium Dog Training Shock Collar

I got this PetSpy M686 thing for a hyper Dingo Cattledog. Little guys are smart but can’t focus on beans sometimes, you know? 

Anyway, it surprised me – the remote is small and easy to carry, and the collar is light but a bit big for that mini dude. Also, quick-connect would’ve been nice, but hey, it works.

Features: Does More Than You’d Think

The remote has a crazy-long range, like a whole 1000 ft! And it’s got this beep, buzz, mild shock, and a stronger one – a whole sequence. It’s pretty versatile. Just using the beep and some treats, many dogs caught on fast. 

The buzz is great for stopping them from darting towards the road or jumping on folks. I only had to use the small shock three times in two weeks months – twice for the road and once for the dog chasing a skunk. 

This goes on to show that it works for training and keeping them in line.

Effectiveness: Turns a Wild Dog into a Good Dog

Now, let me tell you about the real deal – it turned a Jack Russell Terrier from a wild thing to a well-behaved buddy. The owner wanted to return the dog after a week because it was too wild. 

They hired me and I found this collar, tried it, and in two days, that crazy pup was listening without even needing the shock. After the training, just showing the remote made the dog stay indoors on its best behavior.

Similarly, for a yappy Shih Tzu, the beep alone stopped the endless barking. Oh, and my colleague recommended it – his dogs changed for the better with this thing. It’s like a toolbox for different dogs. On top of that, it works in all kinds of weather, too.

In the end, it’s simple, gets the job done, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. If you’re looking to train your dog without breaking the bank, this collar’s worth checking out.


  • Simple and compact design
  • Impressive 1000 ft range
  • Effective for positive reinforcement and training
  • Rare need for the stronger shock, emphasizing humane use
  • Transformed behavior of high-energy breeds
  • Works well for curbing excessive barking
  • Weather-resistant, suitable for various conditions
  • Affordable compared to other options in the market


  • The collar size might be a bit large for smaller dogs
  • Lacks a quick-connect feature for added convenience

4. ABBIDOT Training Collar for Dogs (8-120 lbs)

Upon receiving the PetSpy M686, my initial skepticism revolved around its suitability for small dogs. Surprisingly, the collar not only comfortably accommodated their necks but also provided ample room. 

Much to my delight, the packaging was neat, and the collar’s design surpassed my expectations.

Starting with the adjustable strap, the collar was monumental in ensuring a snug fit (how tight should a shock collar be). Additionally, the waterproof feature allowed the dogs to play freely without concerns about collar damage. 

Besides that, the security lock on the remote prevents accidental shocks, a thoughtful addition to the safety of your dog.

Features: Training Modes Tailored for Success

Much like every product here, the remote offers three functions: beep mode, vibration, and static shock. For small dogs, the beep and vibration modes proved sufficient to curb undesirable behavior. 

During my training sessions, the beep effectively halted excessive barking, while the vibration served as a warning for running off. Moving forward, the shock feature, with adjustable levels from 1 to 16, is reserved for the most stubborn cases. Surprisingly, levels 2-3 sufficed for most dogs, emphasizing the collar’s humane approach to training.

Speaking of the range, the remote allows control from a distance of 3000 ft, enhancing training flexibility. To add to the collar’s convenience, you don’t have to charge it every day.

Effectiveness: A Reliable Training Companion

Utilizing the collar to enforce recall and basic commands has yielded positive changes in many of my dogs’ behavior. 

The vibration mode, my preferred choice, proved effective, and I observed a considerable reduction in a Chihuahua’s impulsive reactions to external stimuli. 

Contrary to my initial reservations about shock collars, the low settings proved painless during my test. It’s akin to a static shock, gentle enough to grab the dog’s attention without causing harm. 

Furthermore, the tone, vibration, and shock settings create a progressive approach, ensuring that the dogs I train respond to verbal cues before resorting to stronger measures.


  • The collar design comfortably fits both small and large dogs.
  • Neat packaging and a thoughtful security lock on the remote.
  • Adjustable strap ensures a snug fit for various dog sizes.
  • The waterproof feature allows dogs to play freely without collar damage.
  • Beep and vibration modes effectively curb undesirable behavior.
  • Shock feature with humane, adjustable levels (1-16) for stubborn cases.
  • An impressive remote control range of 3000 ft enhances training flexibility.
  • Long battery life, requiring only occasional recharging.
  • Positive changes were observed in dogs’ behavior with consistent use.
  • Durable collar withstands rough play without significant wear.


  • Minor loss of a rubber cover for the charging outlet (aesthetic issue).
  • Shock feature may be unnecessary for some dogs, depending on behavior

5. HKZOOI Small Dog Training Collar

Let me tell you, it worked wonders for a little Maltipoo, responding so well to its features. I didn’t just use it for that dog.

Much like other collars on the list, this one’s adjustable range is a thoughtful touch, fitting snugly on both small and large dogs under my training.

However, in the grand scheme of things, a small improvement could be made in the form of a neck strap for the controller. Keeping an eye on the controller during yard activities proved a bit tricky. 

But hey, the collars’ adjustable range and the overall effectiveness of the training features made up for this minor hiccup.

Features: Tailored Training for Individual Needs

Unlike others with short battery lives or limited impact, this one proved to be a dependable choice. Even some static-generating dogs posed no challenge; the shock feature, while strong, allowed for gradual adjustments.

A real highlight is the ability to pair the collars for two dogs. With both dogs trained to the collars, a simple beep did the trick to correct their behavior. 

Despite initial worries about the remote’s auto time-off, a simple toggle between collars managed it well. Still, I think a lock or an on/off button on the remote could enhance its usability.

Effectiveness: Training Made Effortless

Now, when it comes to effectiveness, this training collar exceeded my expectations. 

The beep and vibrate modes served as effective deterrents for the dog’s mischief. As a result, spontaneous escapes and tussles with the neighbor’s donkey became things of the past.

Yes, there’s a minor inconvenience in having to charge the device every other night. But believe me, the positive outcomes make it all worthwhile. Long walks became a joy as I used the collar to reinforce good behavior and keep the pulling in check.

Despite some design quirks, like the absence of a neck strap, its features, ease of use, and effectiveness make it a worthy investment for any dog owner. 

Whether you’re curbing barking or preventing daring escapes, this collar offers a humane and practical solution for shaping their behavior. And that, my friends, is the real deal.


  • User-friendly design
  • Adjustable collars fit both small and large dogs
  • Versatile features, including beep and vibrate modes
  • Effective shock feature with gradual adjustments
  • Ability to pair collars for two dogs
  • Decent battery life
  • Reliable remote with easy toggling between collars


  • Lack of neck strap for the controller
  • Inconvenience when trying to locate the controller during outdoor activities

Small Dogs Shock Collars – Conclusion

Choosing the right shock collar for small dogs can make a significant difference in training outcomes. The collars reviewed above offer a range of features to cater to individual needs, from adjustable shock levels to user-friendly designs. 

Whether you’re dealing with a high-energy Pomeranian or a stubborn pit mix, the collars I reviewed offer practical training solutions for owners who are even new to the training.

I’m sure you would have explored the detailed reviews and found the collar that does the job for you. Best of luck on your training endeavors, ensuring a happy and well-behaved companion!

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