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5 Best Collars for Basset Hound [For Control]

Best Collars for Basset Hound
Written by Abner

Basset Hounds, those easygoing and adorable pups, sure bring a lot of joy. But training them? Well, that’s a different story. With their own quirks, like stubbornness and escape attempts, you’ve got to find the right approach. 

This article dives into the common issues owners like you face during training and gives a list of some collars that can make your life easier.

Take the Made to ROAM Premium Dog Collar, for example – it’s tough, looks good, and handles outdoor strolls like a champ. The Pet Resolve Remote Dog Training Collar is easy to use and perfect for multiple dogs. 

Then there’s the Blazin Light Up Dog Collar, great for nighttime (should i take my dog collar off at night) walks, and the Black Rhino Hybrid Striped Dog Collar, balancing comfort and toughness.

5 Best Collars for Basset Hound

Image Name Price
Made to ROAM Premium Dog Collar Check Price
Remote Dog Training Collar Check Price
Blazin Light Up Dog Collars Check Price
Black Rhino – The Hybrid Striped Dog Collar Check Price
Lu&Ba Dog Shock Collar Check Price

Let’s keep rolling and see how each of the following collars tackles breed-specific training issues, making your life with your pets smoother.

1. Made to ROAM Premium Dog Collar

When it comes to finding a collar for the dogs that I train, the Made to ROAM Premium Dog is a tough option. They really thought about this breed when designing this – it looks good and does the job well.

Moving on to how it feels, the weight is just right, giving a solid feel without being too heavy for the dogs. 

And that buckle is no joke – strong and built for your outdoor ventures. Hear me when I say that this is heavy-duty and is built to last through all the running and playing.

Features: Spacious Sizing and No-Escape Design

Finding a collar that fits a Basset Hound comfortably without making them look like they’re wearing a tire is not easy. 

But this one gets it right with sizes like the size 4 that I used. It’s got some extra room for adjustments, making sure it fits every dog just right.

Now, there was this collie/hound mix always chewing on the old collar’s plastic buckle. Not with this one, though. The metal buckle here is like a no-chew zone. No more sneaky escapes or chewing shenanigans – problem solved.


This one is a solid solution for controlling multiple dogs. Imagine me doing that with four German Shepherds and three hounds. It was tough but the collar made it pretty much possible. 

And the manufacturers thought about the daily grind too. Two rings – one for the leash and one for tags – that’s smart. It makes walks and ID checks hassle-free for folks with multiple dogs.

In conclusion, the Made to ROAM Premium Dog Collar is a top-notch choice for them. It’s got the style and toughness needed for their daily experiences, solving problems along the way.


  • Tough design for the breed
  • Just-right weight and durable buckle for outdoor adventures
  • Generously sized options for a comfortable fit
  • Metal buckle deters chewing, solving escape attempts
  • Dual rings for leash and tags, practical for multiple dogs


  • Metal buckle might be a bit hefty for some dogs

2. Remote Dog Training Collar

The Pet Resolve turned out to be a real gem for the dogs I was working with. Let me tell you, the design is pretty straightforward and user-friendly.

The collars are tough enough to handle their antics, and the fact that you can adjust them for various sizes is just plain useful.


What sets this collar apart? The coolest thing is that you can control multiple dogs with just one remote. It’s like having a universal remote for your pups. 

Plus, switching between dogs is a breeze with a simple button press. And get this – the shock levels can be adjusted for other-sized dogs. I had to crank it up to level 7 for a big 150-pound Mastiff but dialed it down to 1 for a smaller terrier.

But here’s the thing, the vibration mode (vibration collar to train dog) stole the show for me. Forget about shocks. This stimulation really grabs the attention of hounds of all sorts. 

Also, setting it up is a piece of cake, and changing the battery is equally a no-brainer – a pro you might be looking for if you’re done with dealing with complicated contraptions.


How well does it work? Surprisingly well, actually. For a 30-pound Basset Hound and a stubborn Pit Bull, the vibration stimulation worked wonders in curbing their not-so-great behaviors. With regular use, both dogs got the memo pretty quickly.

And the collar did wonders during walks, helping to redirect their attention and put a lid on excessive barking (stop dog barking at strangers). Even in wide-open spaces, it stayed on top of things, keeping these dogs in check. 

What’s unshakable is that over time, I found myself needing to use corrective measures less and less.


  • User-friendly design
  • Durable collars suitable for active dogs
  • Adjustable for diverse dog sizes
  • Ability to control multiple dogs with one remote
  • Easy switch between dogs with a simple button press
  • Variable shock levels for different-sized dogs
  • Convincing vibrations as a humane deterrent
  • Quick and straightforward setup
  • Efficient battery replacement process
  • A gradual reduction in the need for corrective measures over time


  • Small LCD

3. Blazin Light Up Dog Collars

Talking about the design, the Blazin Light Up Dog Collar pleasantly surprised me with its sleek and functional features. Plus, when I adjusted it for a dog, it felt comfy and secure, not too heavy during walks. 

The material they used is light, so the dogs I trained didn’t seem bothered. It was user-friendly, letting me find the perfect fit for both adult dogs and puppies (​​train a puppy with a shock collar) without any hassle in multi-dog households.


The collar has three light settings, and those LED lights are bright. I mean, they not only lit up a dog during evening walks but also made them visible to cars passing by. The flashing mode was a nice touch for that extra safety. 

And you know what’s great? It’s rechargeable, which means I only had to juice it up once a month, making it super convenient for daily use.

Sure, there’s a tiny hiccup – a non-illuminated section around the connector. But here’s the thing, just point that part towards the ground, problem solved. 

They also throw in a standard USB charger, so it’s versatile and can work with separate charging devices.


During our evening walks and visits to the dog park, the brightness of it really stood out. 

It wasn’t just me who noticed; oncoming cars and people could see us much better. And that’s a big relief, especially when you’re in areas with low visibility.

And you won’t believe this – one of my client’s dogs took a swim with this thing on, and after drying out, it still worked like a charm. That durability is something. It can handle unexpected situations without losing its brightness or significance.


  • Sleek and sensible design
  • Secure fit 
  • Lightweight material for easy walks
  • User-friendly adjustment mechanism
  • Three bright LED light settings
  • Flashing mode for added visibility
  • Rechargeable for convenient use
  • Versatile with a standard USB charger
  • Enhanced visibility in darkness
  • The collar remained useful even after the dog went for a swim
  • Durable construction withstands unexpected situations


  • The non-illuminated section around the connector (resolved by positioning it towards the ground)

4. Black Rhino – The Hybrid Striped Dog Collar

The Black Rhino Hybrid really stood out for the dogs I trained. 

You see, the inside has this neoprene lining that makes it super soft and comfy for the dogs. 

Even when they’re all hyper, the collar stays put without bothering them. Speaking of the clasp, it’s made of metal, which brings extra strength to the table. 

No more worries about the plastic ones breaking – this design lasts a long time, and something missing in other collars.


One feature that caught my eye is the reflective strip, especially during our nighttime strolls. This strip has good looks but it also keeps your dog safe in low light. 

The collar’s longevity gets a boost from the metal closure, saving it from any chewing mishaps. After a month of use, not a single chew mark – now that’s a tough build you may be looking for.

It can take a beating too. Despite dogs rolling around in the dirt and being a bit clumsy, the Black Rhino holds up. No damage, tearing, or discoloration. Plus, cleaning it is a breeze, particularly in dusty conditions.


Talking about effectiveness, this goes above and beyond. Unlike other ones that lose their shine quickly, this one looks brand-new. 

The inside is smooth and slightly cushioned, keeping dogs from scratching their neck. Though a bit heavier, it’s way more comfortable, cleaner, and stays in better condition than any other collar.

For any dog, the collar’s secure fastening is a relief. No more worrying about it coming undone. The design ensures a good fit. 

What’s more, it’s durable – strong and energetic dogs that I worked with never choked or felt out of place, making it a reliable choice.


  • Thoughtful design combining functionality and aesthetics
  • Neoprene lining for softness
  • Sturdy metal clasp for long-lasting durability
  • Reflective strip for enhanced safety in the dark
  • Resilient against dirt and wear
  • Hassle-free cleaning in dusty conditions
  • Adequate in preventing chewing incidents
  • Maintains a brand-new appearance over time
  • Smooth and cushioned inner side to prevent neck scratching
  • Easy on the breed, even with a slightly heavier build
  • Secure fastening for peace of mind
  • Durable and reliable for strong and energetic dogs


  • Neoprene may allow for slipping in certain situations
  • Quick-release collar with a plastic component may raise concerns
  • Not suitable for extremely strong dogs prone to busting loose

5. Lu&Ba Dog Shock Collar

When I started training these dogs, finding a shock collar that fit them was a real headache. Luckily, the Lu&Ba turned out to be just what I needed for this breed in terms of shock collars. 

It adjusts well, making sure it’s snug but comfy (how tight should a shock collar be) for both my big 90 lb hound and the smaller 12 lb whoodle. It gets the job done without any fuss about discomfort or it slipping off.

Features: Prolonged Battery Life for Hassle-Free Training

It comes with a killer battery life. Charged once, these collars went strong for over a month, and mind you, they were used every day on both dogs. No constant charging hassle, just smooth training sessions. 

Sure, it doesn’t have a lock feature, which is a bit of a downside, but the remote’s sleep mode does a good job of avoiding accidental button pushes.

Effectiveness: From Chaos to Control in Just Weeks

In just the first week, the non-stop barking (shock collar vs bark collar)  with the dogs dropped like crazy. By week 4, they were rocking at following my commands. 

These collars also played a massive role in fixing annoying behaviors like jumping (how to use a shock collar to stop jumping) on furniture, stealing food, and tearing up the trash. 

The adjustable shock used carefully, helped with those moments when they’d bolt after wildlife, turning our walks into a leash-free, fun time.

To sum up, the collar’s got a smart design, a battery that lasts and does the job of shaping their behavior. If you’re after a shock collar that’s reliable and won’t break the bank, this Lu&Ba one is definitely worth checking out.


  • Perfect fit for many dog sizes
  • Impressive battery life, lasting over a month with daily use
  • Curbs undesirable behaviors like barking and jumping
  • Adjustable shock aids in addressing instances of bolting after wildlife
  • Budget-friendly option for reliable training


  • Lack of a lock feature on the remote
  • Potential for accidental button pushes due to the absence of a lock feature

Basset Hound Collars – Conclusion

Wrapping it up, picking the right collar is key to smooth Basset Hound training and building a strong bond. Each product – from the Made to ROAM to the Pet Resolve Remote Dog Training Collar, and on to the Blazin Light Up and Black Rhino Hybrid – has its strengths.

As you think about your dog’s personality and daily routine, choose one that fits the bill. So, pick wisely, start a journey of understanding with your dog and have a blast!

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