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5 Best Shock Collars for Hunting Dogs to Tame Their Urges

Best Shock Collars for Hunting Dogs
Written by Abner

As someone who’s been around the block training hunting dogs, I’ve checked out some top-notch models that really get the job done. 

You will read about some of those products as I’ll break down the list of Best Shock Collars for Hunting Dogs, and will let you know what makes them tick, how effective they are, and where they might fall a bit short.

I’ll start off with the SportDOG Brand SportHunter 1225X Remote Trainer, a tough customer with a knack for customized control. 

Then, we slide into the scene with the Dogtra 1900S Black Ergonomic 1-Mile IPX9K, a cool and practical choice that covers some serious ground.

After that, it’s all about the Educator E-Collar Humane Dog Training Collar, serving up clever corrections tailored to your dog’s vibe. 

Up next, we’ve got the Bousnic Dog Shock Collar for 2 Dogs, a product for handling stubborn pups. Finally, we wrap it up with the PetSpy P620 Dog Training Shock Collar for Dogs, a lightweight champ with serious results.

Read along to learn the ins and outs of these shock collars (introduce a shock collar to a dog), making it easy for you to choose the perfect fit for your hunting buddy.

Best Shock Collar for Hunting Dogs – Train Stubborn Pups To Control Their Urges

Image Name Price
SportDOG Brand SportHunter 1225X Remote Trainer Check Price
Dogtra 1900S Black Ergonomic 1-Mile IPX9K Check Price
Educator E-Collar Humane Dog Training Collar Check Price
Bousnic Dog Shock Collar 2 Dogs Check Price
PetSpy P620 Dog Training Shock Collar for Dogs Check Price

Let’s begin.

1. SportDOG Brand SportHunter 1225X Remote Trainer

Let me tell you, it’s got a design that handled the wild antics of the dogs I trained. Seriously, the new charging cord is a game-changer, fixing those pesky issues where bits broke off into collars or remotes. 

And get this, the collar itself is like a tough guy, taking on hours of wear, mud, water, and endless digging without a hitch. It’s as robust as the dogs themselves, making it the go-to for active ones you take on your hunt.

Features: Customized Control for Effective Coaching

Now, let’s dive into the features because, believe me, this remote trainer is something else. The signal is spot-on, and the range is pretty impressive, too. 

Sure, the transmitter’s button setup is a bit quirky, but who cares when you’ve got “stimulation” (Electric Shock) and tone options that get the job done? 

And here’s the main deal—the beeper setting stopped a charging dog in its tracks with just one beep. That makes it perfect for quick recalls, especially when dealing with dogs with a killer prey drive.

Effectiveness: Building Trust through Positive Vibrations

After a year of use, it’s proven itself big time. Positive reinforcement training with that reliable tone setting transformed many dogs’ training. 

As said, the beep or tone became the go-to for immediate check-ins, and even after non-stop use, the collar kept on rocking. The battery life was amazing as the collar stayed in freezing weather without a hiccup.

The SportDOG Brand SportHunter 1225X Remote Trainer nails it with its durable design and personalized features. I agree that the button setup might be a bit quirky, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s nothing. 


  • Rugged design withstands wear and tear
  • Impressive range and reliable signal
  • Effective “stimulation” and tone options for training
  • Beep setting proves invaluable for quick recalls
  • Positive reinforcement with the tone setting works wonders
  • Collar maintains functionality even after prolonged use
  • Long-lasting battery survives days in cold weather


  • Quirky button setup on the transmitter

2. Dogtra 1900S Black Ergonomic 1-Mile IPX9K

The remote of the Dogtra 1900S is smooth, and the buttons are easy to figure out – a real user-friendly masterpiece. You get one collar in black, and the other in orange, making it easy-peasy to spot in the heat of the moment. 

I’m of the view that a bit more color options would’ve been cool, but overall, it’s got that cool factor for a less confusing training ride.


The remote control has a range that goes on for days – up to 1 mile, believe it or not. Perfect for many dog breeds such as the huskies (stop husky from biting) with their natural urge to hunt. And the battery lasts for weeks, even with my regular use. 

According to my use, the icing on the cake here is that you can fine-tune the controls based on your dog’s behavior and coat type. That’s like having a personal trainer for your dogs without investing thousands of dollars.

And functionality-wise, it’s waterproof, been tested under the waves. Charging is a breeze with the station. Plus, that vibration stimulation is like the doggie equivalent of a gentle nudge, keeping them in check even in situations in the wild.


Switching from another system to this one for dogs was smooth. The dogs picked up on the corrective signals like pros. As a result, the recall became a walk on the beach, hassle-free. 

This one will provide your dog with the freedom it needs. And let me tell you, indoor, outdoor – this thing’s a chameleon. It adapts and fine-tunes.

Before going for any collar, I’d like to take your focus to the basis of it all – the training foundation. Like any dog prepping for a role, your dogs need that groundwork. 

The Dogtra 1900S will work on that groundwork–the basic training you teach your dog–and reinforce those good behaviors. As a result of this, you’ll experience that leash-free walks, hikes, and soccer games will become less of a stress.


  • Sleek and practical design
  • User-friendly remote with easily distinguishable buttons
  • Durable build for longevity
  • Thoughtful color coding for quick identification
  • Impressive 1-mile range for strong-hunting dogs
  • Long-lasting battery life, even with regular use
  • Customizable control levels based on dog behavior and coat type
  • Waterproof design tested by submersion
  • Convenient charging station
  • Immediate response to corrective signals
  • Versatile for indoor and outdoor use
  • Fine-tuning settings for adaptability
  • Reinforces recall during outdoor adventures
  • Stress-free off-leash experience for walks, hikes, and games


  • Limited color customization options for higher visibility
  • Initial training indoors may be necessary for effective use outdoors

3. Educator E-Collar Humane Dog Training Collar

Taking an energetic Labradoodle for walks used to be a bit of a hassle for his owner, especially with his lightning-fast sprints. 

But then, the Educator E-Collar and yours truly came into the picture, and boy, did it make a difference. 

The design is light and compact, making it super comfy for the dog during those long walks. The controller, like a fancy stopwatch, fits perfectly in my hand, and the button layout makes the usage entirely easy. 

It’s got four buttons – Tap for a gentle vibration, Shock for static correction, Boost for a bit more shock, and a Shock level dial that’s as easy as pie.

Features: Smart Corrections Tailored to Your Dog

Unlike other collars on this list, this one has two modes – vibration and electric zap. I started with the vibration, feeling like an old-school pager. Simple, no fuss. 

But what really caught my eye was the 127 levels of correction. 

Finding the perfect setting for the Labradoodle was a walk in the park. With that, using the shock boost was like adding an extra punch when the standard correction just won’t cut it.

Effectiveness: Freedom for Your Pup and Better Obedience

This collar turned our walks into a whole new experience, giving the dog the freedom to explore without me worrying. Since the collar is waterproof, he could even swim without that annoying trailing rope. 

I used it for a month, charging only twice, we noticed better obedience even when the collar wasn’t on. It’s like magic, turning it into a valuable training tool for your pup but make sure you introduce it well before using (train a puppy with a shock collar).

Bonus: Nighttime Safety and Quick Charging

The small collar lights up at night, keeping your dog safe during your late strolls. Recharging the batteries is also as quick as a flash. No waiting around for hours. The dog, who wasn’t a fan at first, got used to it because it meant he could run off-leash.

This one proved to be a simple yet powerful tool. It’s not a substitute for consistent commands, but it sure helps in reinforcing good behavior. I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know with dogs.


  • Lightweight and compact design for comfort during long walks
  • User-friendly controller with easy-to-use buttons
  • Dual-mode functionality with vibration and electric stimulation
  • 127 adjustable correction levels for tailored training
  • Boost feature for an extra punch when needed
  • Waterproof design allows for worry-free swimming
  • LED lighting on the collar for nighttime safety
  • Quick charging with rechargeable batteries
  • Improved obedience observed even without the collar
  • Enhanced freedom for dogs during off-leash walks


  • Initial resistance from dogs to wearing the collar
  • Limited options for attaching the collar to clothing

4. Bousnic Dog Shock Collar 2 Dogs

The Bousnic Dog Shock Collar for 2 Dogs turned out to be a revelation for training two stubborn French Pitbulls. Right from the start, the design, with its adjustable collar strap, caught my attention for its versatility. 

Unlike other products out there, the option to switch to a 1/4-inch wide dayglo strap added a practical touch that really appealed to me. 

Changing the strap style was a breeze, a testament to the thoughtful design that played a significant role in my decision to give this product a shot.


Feature-wise, the collar has a three-pronged approach: beep, vibrate, and shock. It’s pretty impressive. The beep and vibration options worked surprisingly well, especially with the dogs. 

The shock feature, adjustable up to level 20, served as a reliable last resort for curbing destructive behavior. The battery life was no joke, lasting a week with daily use on the farm where the dogs love to roam. 


Speaking of effectiveness, the Bousnic collar is something worth highlighting. It excels at catering to different training needs. 

The vibrations and tones did wonders in grabbing the dogs’ attention, and the shock feature, when needed, got the job done without going overboard. 

Even in challenging terrains like the rolling hills and valleys on a farm, the range stood the test. 

Overall, this one makes it a top choice for training stubborn dogs. I’m looking forward to exploring more products from Bousnic, and I really hope they consider offering add-on collars or larger sets for people with multiple dogs.


  • Adjustable collar strap for versatility
  • Quick and easy strap style changes
  • Impressive battery life, lasting a week with daily use
  • Quick charging in under 5 minutes
  • Versatile shock feature with adjustable levels
  • Suitable for stubborn dogs
  • Reliable in challenging terrains with a commendable range
  • Crystal-clear warning sound aids in locating lost collars
  • User-friendly design and easy navigation
  • Budget-friendly compared to other similar products


  • Limited options for expanding the system to more than two dogs

5. PetSpy P620 Dog Training Shock Collar for Dogs

The lightweight nature of both the remote and collar of PetSpy P620 ensures a smooth experience, seamlessly integrating with the dogs’ movements. 

There’s a convenience for you too as the buttons, thoughtfully placed, allow swift access to the vibration, beep, and shock functions, producing control like never before.

Versatile Features

Let’s talk about the collar’s features. It offers versatile training options with vibration and beep functions, working like a harmonious duet in my daily training sessions. 

The vibrations are gentle and so they signal the dogs subtly, while the beep serves as an audible cue for effective communication. Besides these, the shock feature, used sparingly in emergencies, becomes remarkably effective with proper training.


The PetSpy P620 played a pivotal role in changing the behavior of the dogs under my guidance. At first, training a spirited working dog, Freddy, presented a challenge in attention and control. 

Yet, the collar’s swift and remote responsiveness helped me regain control. Freddy’s recall attained near perfection as a result, which is a testament to the collar’s practical uses.


  • Unobtrusive and elegant design
  • Lightweight and comfortable for dogs
  • Well-placed buttons for easy access
  • Versatile training options with vibration, beep, and shock functions
  • Effective communication through gentle vibrations and audible cues
  • Transformative results in behavior and recall
  • Quick and remote responsiveness
  • Affordable and user-friendly


  • Shock feature needs careful and sparing use


Each collar from the 5 has its unique strengths, catering to specific needs, but the common thread lies in empowering owners like you with the tools to train effectively. 

I’d say choose wisely based on my recommendation and extensive reviews and you should be good to go. After all, a well-trained dog is not just a companion but a reflection of a shared journey – a journey that unfolds with every click, beep, or vibration, fostering a bond that transcends the collar itself.

I hope this list about “Best Shock Collars for Hunting Dogs” was helpful to you.

Good Luck 🤞.

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