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5 (Tested and Tried) Best Shock Collars for English Bulldogs in 2024

Best Shock Collars for English Bulldogs
Written by Abner

Forget the drool, the stubborn behaviors, and the penchant for furniture demolition – your English Bulldog’s days of being a whirlwind are numbered! I’d help you explore the best options to transform your lovable but boisterous pup into a refined, well-mannered companion.

I’ve put five top contenders through their paces, from the sleek Educator E-Collar with intuitive buttons to the budget-friendly Dog Care Collar that lets you manage a whole pack with a single remote. 

Each collar boasts unique features, from gentle vibrations for attention-grabbing to customized shock intensities.

But this isn’t just about specs and bells and whistles. We’ll delve into real-life experiences, sharing the triumphs and tribulations of training English Bulldogs with each collar. 

You’ll hear heartwarming tales of leash-pulling and the joy of watching a once-aggressive dog blossom into a social butterfly.

List of 5 Best Shock Collars for English Bulldogs

Image Name Price
Educator E-Collar Humane Dog Training Collar with Remote Check Price
SportDOG Brand WetlandHunter 425X Camouflage Remote Trainer Check Price
PetSpy P620 Dog Training Shock Collar for Dogs Check Price
Pet Resolvo – Remote Dog Training Collar,Night Light Check Price
DOG CARE Dog Training Collar- Rechargeable Training Collar Check Price

Buckle up! We’re going for a ride.

1. Educator – English Bulldogs Collar with Remote

The Educator E-Collar Humane Dog Training Collar with Remote may not win any fashion awards, but its practical design speaks volumes. 

It gets the job done. 

The collar is light and can be adjusted to fit an English Bulldog just right. 

Speaking of the remote, though not a style statement, fitted well in my hand, making it easy to use. It’s simple and loaded with easy-to-understand buttons, which is a blessing for owners who don’t get around to complex tech.


Setting it up can be a bit tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, this collar becomes your dog’s new BFF. It has different settings to suit your dog’s mood. 

I stuck to the “M/C” setting at level 24 and it did wonders. It gives a little buzz, not painful, just enough to grab the dog’s attention.

What sets this collar apart is its ability to deal with a bunch of issues. From pulling on the leash to not following orders, it became my secret weapon for training dogs big and small. 

Using it is like texting the dog to get him to understand your commands. During the training, when my Bulldog listened, I’d stop the vibration stimulation to create a bridge between it being stopped when the dog obeyed.


The dog I was training had some serious issues – pulling on the leash, ignoring commands, and being aggressive with other dogs. Things that I mentioned above. 

After a week of using the Educator collar, things changed. 

Walks went from chaos to chill. Commands like sit, stay, and come became part of the Bulldog’s vocabulary.

The real test was meeting other dogs. It used to be a disaster, but after the training, the dog listened well. More than the shock, the vibration gave me more leverage. It was like a gentle reminder, keeping her attention on me instead of starting a fight.


  • Simple and practical design
  • Lightweight and adjustable collar for a comfortable fit
  • Easy-to-use remote with straightforward controls
  • Customizable settings to suit your dog’s temperament
  • Harmless vibration stimulation effectively grabs the dog’s attention
  • Acts as a communication tool, not a punitive measure
  • Positive reinforcement accelerates the training process
  • Results in a positive association with good behavior
  • Transformative effectiveness in just a week, especially in addressing aggression
  • Enables better control during encounters with other dogs


  • Initial setup may be challenging for some users
  • The learning curve involved in understanding and using the collar effectively

2. SportDOG Brand WetlandHunter 425X

Training a lively English Bulldog was a pain for several days until I got my hands on the SportDOG Brand WetlandHunter 425X Camouflage. 

Its design, boasting a cool camouflage look, not only nails the aesthetic but is also super tough—perfect for those energetic training bouts with a determined bulldog.


I usually stick to settings three or four, and the device’s adaptability for a growing bulldog is a lifesaver.

The different programming options are a nice touch, and the waterproof feature is a practical bonus for any weather. 

Though the lowest shock setting is a bit stronger than I’d like for everyday use, the vibration and tone are like a gentle nudge.


Cheaper models miss the mark on low-end control, but this one lets me dial in just the right amount of notice without going overboard. 

The range is solid, even though it needs a clear line of sight, and the battery life is decent—charging every other day keeps it going. Just a heads up, the batteries do trickle down even when taking a break.

A golden nugget of wisdom: give the manual a read. It spills the beans on using the trainer right, weaving it seamlessly into a full-on training and obedience plan. 

All in all, it’s a trusty gadget that outshone my expectations, pushing me to grab a second one for another dog. 


  • The camouflage design looks cool and is super tough
  • Beep setting is a secret weapon for behavior correction
  • Settings three or four provide adaptability as your dog grows
  • Different programming options add versatility
  • The waterproof feature is practical for all-weather
  • The range is solid for off-leash control
  • Battery life is decent, requiring charging every other day


  • Batteries trickle down even when not in use

3. PetSpy P620 English Bulldogs Training Shock Collar

The design, a harmony of simplicity and effectiveness, will catch your eye as it did mine. 

Sure, I had a bumpy start with a glitch connecting the remote, but PetSpy’s website played the hero, and customer service was as responsive as a well-trained pooch. I had it running in no time.

Features: Customized Control at Your Fingertips

Once I had to train an English Bulldog who would get triggered by bikes passing by. 

Cue the noise, a dash of vibration, and a pinch of shock were all that were needed to swiftly return. In minutes, he graduated from adventurous explorer to a leash-friendly timid dog.

My son-in-law, the savvy dog dad, tossed aside his battery-guzzlers for the P620. Efficiency over expense—two more collars in his cart, thank you very much, and that, too, on my recommendation.

Effectiveness: Bulldog Brilliance Unleashed

I also used the collar for a half-Pit Bull, half-English Bulldog rescue – a bundle of love but a challenge. The P620 became his behavior-reshaping tool. 

Two gentle shocks and a whisper from the beeper button turned him into a poster pup for good behavior. That was all. The owner later told me about the dog carrying out the new behavior ahead as I had trained him.


  • Easy-to-navigate remote with customizable levels.
  • Noise and vibrate functions are usually sufficient, minimizing the need for shock.
  • Efficient training response was observed in a short time.
  • Positive impact on the behavior of rescue dogs, fostering good behavior without aggression.
  • Battery efficiency reduces the need for frequent replacements.


  • Effectiveness may depend on the specific behavior and temperament of the dog.

4. Pet Resolve – Remote Dog Training Collar, Night Light

Right off the bat, the design hooked me. No more fumbling with buttons – this collar keeps it simple. 

One button for sound, one for vibration, and one for shock. No toggling mess. Plus, the extra collar I got for a two-dog training session syncs like magic. It’s a design that just clicks.

Features: No Confusion, Just Command

As I said, each command has its button, making it a no-brainer. The vibration stimulation became my go-to, working like a charm to set Jax, the English Bully I used the collar for, straight. 

The instructions were a lifesaver, ensuring a smooth setup. I’d suggest that you read them as it makes a world of difference.

Effectiveness: Shockingly Good Results

Jax was on another level. The Pet Resolve collar reduced his Face-nipping and jumping in a week. 

However, I had to incorporate other methods to ensure the efficacy of my training regime. I had to charge it every two weeks to keep it ready for action. 

A Tiny Tweak: Lanyard

Okay, here’s a minor gripe – the lanyard at the bottom would make life easier. But honestly, it’s a small thing to ask and it doesn’t impact the collar’s performance majorly.


  • Streamlined design with dedicated buttons for each function.
  • Versatile – one remote works for multiple collars.
  • Straightforward and effective commands for sound, vibration, and shock.
  • Clear instructions for hassle-free setup.
  • The vibration function proves surprisingly effective for behavior correction.
  • Swift and noticeable results in curbing Bulldog antics.
  • Long battery life with minimal charging needed.


  • A lanyard attachment at the bottom could improve control readability.

5. DOG CARE – English Bulldogs Rechargeable Collar

In my gig as a dog trainer, handling both German Shepherds and English Bulldogs on a ranch, I decided to give the Dog Care Dog Training Collar a shot. 

Here’s the scoop: 

The dual-set collar system is a budget-friendly gem, perfect for managing multiple dogs, each with their unique vibe. 

The single remote control for both of them was a real-time-saver during training sessions. But, gotta be honest, the remote is a bit of a handful, being a tad bulky and tricky to hide.


This collar’s got a neat trick – simplicity that packs a punch. The beep and vibration settings are like magic words for rowdy dogs notorious for their stubborn behaviors. 

The surprising part has always been the price that won me over, giving the big-shot brands a run for their money. Kudos for the smart design that ensures adjusting shock levels is no accidental oopsie. 

And get this – syncing up to nine collars with one remote is like having your dog training arsenal.


Let me spill the beans on how this collar rocked various situations. For the dogs, the beep and vibration settings grabbed their attention. 

And when the big guns were needed, the shock feature had enough juice even for the hefty German Shepherds. Customizing shock intensity for each collar with this one lets you cater to dogs of all shapes and sizes. 

The battery life, in both the remote and collars, is like a superhero, lasting through standby mode and multiple charges.

User-Friendly with Minor Quirks:

Once you get the hang of this collar’s dance moves, navigating its functions becomes as easy as tossing a treat. Switching between collars and adjusting shock intensity from the remote feels so easy. 

The lock function adds a touch of control, but the side switch can be a bit stubborn. 

And about the collar’s snug fit requirement – doing that is a walk in the park but make sure that you find the sweet spot to help with the contact points placement.


  • Budget-friendly dual-set collar system
  • Single remote control for multiple dogs
  • Effective beep and vibrate settings for stubborn dogs
  • Surprisingly affordable compared to big-name brands
  • Thoughtful design prevents accidental shock level adjustments
  • Syncs up to nine collars with one remote
  • Customizable shock intensity for each collar
  • Impressive battery life in both remote and collars


  • Bulky and somewhat tricky-to-hide remote
  • The collar design demands a snug fit for proper contact


You’ve reached the end of your journey through this article about Best Shock Collars for English Bulldogs.

I’ve done my part of exploring the top contenders, sharing real-life experiences, and hopefully, equipping you with the knowledge to choose the perfect tool to unlock your Bulldog’s inner gentleman (or gentlewoman!). 

I hope that by now you’ve made your pick and that you’re already planning on taking your dog toward betterment. As a trainer, I understand that doing so would bring peace to your mind and routine. Good luck!

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