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5 Best Shock Collars for Long-Haired Dogs with Long Prongs

Best Shock Collars for Long-Haired Dogs
Written by Abner

Training long-haired dogs with shock collars can be a hairy situation—literally. Finding the right prong size for effective training can be as tricky as managing a mischievous pup. The hours spent researching products and their efficacy can be overwhelming. 

But fear not! I’ve researched for you, rigorously testing various shock collars on diverse dogs to find the perfect fit for your dog.

Best Shock/Training Collar for Long-Haired or Thick-Furred Dogs

Image Name Price
Pet Resolve Remote Dog Shock Collar for Long Haired Check Price
Educator E-Collar Humane Dog Shock Collar Check Price
Garmin Delta Sport XC Bundle Check Price
Dogtra 1900S Black Ergonomic 1-Mile IPX9K Check Price
INVIROX Dog Shock Collar for Long Haired Dog Check Price

Here we go!

1. Pet Resolve- Long-Haired Dog Shock Collar

The Pet Resolve Remote Dog Shock Collar for Long-Haired dogs really caught my eye with its smart design, especially for bigger dogs with a lot of hair. 

You know what’s cool? The charger with two ends, letting you juice up both the collar and the remote at the same time. 

And the collar? It’s practical, with these longer prongs and removable plastic knobs that just make sense, especially for dogs with all kinds of fur lengths.


First off, it’s super versatile. Three sets of prongs for different hair lengths – that was a lifesaver for a Lab/Pitbull mix with her flowing locks that I trained. 

Plus, the remote can handle three dogs at once, so it was convenient all over. You get tone, vibration, and shock options, which just makes things easier. 

Oh, and the best part? You can keep that vibration or shock going for more than a quick second. It’s like having some serious control at your fingertips.


Okay, so when it comes to getting results, this collar really rocked it during training with a hefty 100lb Am Staff/Pitbull mix. That level 10 vibration for 3-4 seconds did the trick, steering him away from trouble fast. 

And when it was time for shock, it was like, “Boom, pay attention!” and the dog got it, no doubt about it.

Also, this collar worked just as well for a long-haired (dog fur too thick for shock collar (Shock Collar Fitting Guide) lab/chow/herding mix and three Huskies. It handled distractions, recalls, and all the quirks of stubborn breeds like a pro. 

Those longer prongs and the tone and vibration settings were all that was needed to keep control without stressing out the dogs.

The Pet Resolve Remote Dog Shock Collar for Long-Haired dogs is a solid tool for training, with a design that makes sense and features that get the job done. 

If you’re dealing with big, hairy, or stubborn dogs, this collar is worth every penny – it keeps things chill and happy with your dogs.


  • Smart design, especially for bigger dogs with long hair
  • Convenient dual charging with the Y-split USB power adapter
  • Practical collar design with longer prongs and removable plastic knobs
  • Versatile with three sets of prongs for different hair lengths
  • Can control three dogs at once with options for tone, vibration, and shock
  • Extended duration for vibration and shock adds control flexibility
  • Effective in redirecting behavior, especially with stubborn dogs
  • Works well in diverse situations, handling distractions and recalls
  • Provides a sense of control and safety, especially in open spaces


  • May require some time for the dogs to adapt to the collar
  • The shock feature, while effective, should be used with caution and responsibility

2. Educator E-Collar Humane Dog Shock Collar

The Educator E-Collar for long-haired dogs really surprised me with how smartly it’s made. First off, it’s got long prongs that are great for a dog as big as 99 pounds and furry. 

Putting it on was a breeze, and the dogs that I trained with didn’t seem bothered at all. It’s not all bulky either, especially with that long hair adapter—it just adds to the good vibes.


Let’s talk about what makes this collar cool. One thing that got me nodding in approval was the different shock levels as it happens with other products as well. I wanted to know what the dogs would feel before the training because the shocks on this one are hot. 

So I tested each level on myself. And get this—the level that actually works for many dogs is so low, that they hardly even notice it. There’s also a vibration feature that works like a charm for calling them back. A light touch, and they’re right by your side.

I should throw in a heads-up about making sure the collar fits snugly. This is crucial for no discomfort or harm, making sure the collar does its job well. 

And hey, you can switch out the prongs with long-hair ones pretty easily, which is a neat option.


Now, let’s get down to how well it works. As a dog trainer, I was pleasantly surprised. The controller is user-friendly, handling two dogs with their own settings. 

And there’s this boost function that cranks up the intensity when things get crazy. Plus, the battery lasts over a week with regular use, which is pretty convenient.

Dealing with worries about sores, I found that using generic prongs fixed that right up. It shows how versatile the collar is—works on both short and long-haired dogs with a few tweaks. 

This one gets results—I’ve got two dogs that follow my lead off-leash with quick recalls.

To wrap it up, the Educator E-Collar is a winner with its clever design, handy features, and overall effectiveness. 

Use it right, following the guidelines, and you’ve got yourself a solid tool for dog training. It’s all about keeping those dogs I trained safe and happy.


  • Smart design for comfort
  • Easy to put on, and dogs don’t mind it
  • The vibration feature for quick recalls works like a charm
  • Option to replace prongs for adaptability
  • User-friendly controller for two dogs with unique settings
  • Boost function for high-distraction situations
  • Long-lasting battery life for over a week
  • Effective off-leash training with quick recalls


  • Initial learning curve on adjusting shock levels for individual dogs

3. Garmin Delta Sport XC Bundle

I used it on a stubborn husky and this big St. Bernard I’m training. The collar is tough, and it keeps the dogs safe during playtime. Tough doesn’t mean uncomfortable as it is sturdy but comfy, especially important for that big St. Bernard who’s over 100 pounds. 

What’s cool is, it handles their thick fur really well, which is a big deal for training them as short ones rarely dig into their fur. And the remote? Easy to handle, just what you need when things happen fast.


The battery on this collar is solid, lasting 2-3 days straight. That means less worrying about charging all the time. The remote’s got some decent range–enough to keep your dog safe in your backyard and even outside. 

Even when the dogs go a couple of blocks away, you can still control them. Plus, the remote has multiple settings for different situations. Real handy.

The contact points on the collar are customizable. The Husky’s got a thick coat (collar not working on Husky), as you know they do, and as I said, the standard contacts weren’t cutting it. But no worries, the collar will let you switch to longer ones with one swap. 

Also, the collar has a bark limiter that works well if you make some careful adjustments for long-haired dogs. And trust me, it’s easy to handle with one hand.


The Garmin XC made a big difference for those dogs. Sure, there were a few times the shock didn’t kick in because of their furry coats. But overall, it did the job. The husky (stop husky from biting) got the freedom to play off-leash, and she’s a much happier dog now. 

And my big St. Bernard? He can cover some serious ground and still come back quickly. The correction settings on this collar really helped with their behavior without causing any harm.


  • Solid and sturdy design for both stubborn dogs
  • Comfortable for dogs during outdoor activities.
  • Durable, able to handle dogs over 100 pounds.
  • Accommodates thick, long-haired coats, addressing a common concern.
  • Easy-to-handle remote, crucial for quick responses.
  • Reliable battery life lasting 2-3 days, minimizing the need for frequent recharging.
  • Impressive range on the remote, maintaining control even when dogs venture a couple of blocks away.
  • Multiple settings on the remote for versatile correction options.
  • Customizable contact points are especially useful for long-haired dogs.
  • The bark limiter works well with careful adjustments for long-haired dogs.
  • Overall effectiveness in managing dogs, providing freedom for off-leash play.
  • Positive impact on behavior, especially noticeable in happier and more fulfilled dogs.


  • Standard contacts may be insufficient for dogs with thick coats, requiring a tight fit for effectiveness.

4. Dogtra 1900S Black Ergonomic 1-Mile IPX9K

The Dogtra 1900S Black Ergonomic 1-Mile IPX9K is just what a dog owner like you needs – no fuss, easy to use, and built for dogs that love to roam. The design is simple and user-friendly, perfect for folks who love having their pets by their sides. 

The 1-mile range means your dogs can explore freely without you worrying about their safety. Plus, that sleek black look? It not only looks cool but also feels tough, which is exactly what you need for your active lifestyle.


First off, it’s waterproof, and I tested it by dunking it underwater – no issues at all. That’s a big deal for us because your long-haired dog may be fond of chasing birds and ending up in spontaneous swims. 

Changing the control levels is also super easy, and you can see it happening. That’s crucial for me and anyone who’s got two dogs with different coat lengths and sensitivities. 

I even got longer prongs for a German Shepherd’s thick fur, making sure the communication was spot-on.

Moreover, the charging station is handy, and the battery lasts about 1 1/2 days with constant use – perfect for a routine of nightly recharging. It keeps the collar juiced up for all your extended outdoor activities.


I took the time to train the dogs indoors first, then moved to the great outdoors. 

The collar’s intensity levels are like a volume control for dog behavior – perfect for tailoring prompts based on each dog’s quirks. No more bolting. I observed a clear change in their behavior over the week.

I still have this collar for my own dogs at home. Over a year later, this investment still pays off. My dogs are rock stars at public events, and the collar’s influence goes beyond walks and hikes. 

It turns our outings into stress-free experiences.

But here’s a heads-up from personal experience – don’t let your dog sleep with the collar on. It can cause chafing if worn for too long.

I learned that quickly, but it doesn’t overshadow the collar’s overall effectiveness in curbing bad behavior and bringing peace to a hyperactive dog. You see it’s all about managing the dog right.


  • User-friendly design for easy use
  • One-mile range allows dogs to explore freely
  • Sleek black look with a tough build
  • Waterproof, tested by submersion
  • Easy control level changes for different dogs
  • Longer prongs available for thick coats
  • Convenient charging station
  • Battery lasts about 1 1/2 days with constant use
  • Effective in training, adapting to each dog’s behavior
  • Improved behavior even in public settings
  • Ideal for leash-free adventures and stress-free outings


  • Not a miracle fix, requires proper dog training
  • Caution is needed to prevent chafing, avoid letting the dog sleep with the collar on for extended periods

5. INVIROX Dog Shock Collar for Long-Haired Dog

There are two ways to hook it up, a bungee collar and a regular plastic clip with some reflective stitching. Now, the bungee one can be a bit of a pain to deal with, but with that plastic clip, no extra tools are needed, it’s just easy.

And hey, they threw in a lanyard for the remote. There’s a wrist strap, but honestly, the neck lanyard is the winner here. Feels kinda pro, you know? Keeps the remote handy without needing a pocket, and you can sling it behind you when you need to pet your dog.


Now, what’s really cool is you can adjust the length of the prongs. The longer ones, about 3/4 of an inch, work great for dogs with long hair. No need to shave your pup. 

Plus, they threw in a tool that makes it easy to switch the prongs just like Educator.

Owning this one is a big win for outdoor folks. You can take your dog swimming, no worries. 

They’ve also added a lock switch so you don’t accidentally shock your pup. Safety first, right? Always.


I’ve trained dogs with all sorts of attitudes and fur lengths, and this collar gets the job done. Those longer prongs make sure the shock gets through even thick fur. 

And you can tweak the settings – sound, vibration, shock – for a custom training session.

Not gonna lie, it didn’t take me long to figure it out. A Pomsky got the hang of it quickly with the sound and vibration. Even the lowest shock setting got his attention without going overboard.

So, to wrap it up, the Invirox Dog Shock Collar for Long-Haired Dogs is a solid tool with a smart design. 

It does what it promises, training our dogs the right way. From adjustable prongs to the handy lanyard, it’s got everything for the dogs you’ll train.


  • Smart design with two attachment options: bungee and plastic clip.
  • Convenient neck lanyard for the remote, providing hands-free use.
  • Adjustable prong length for long-haired dogs without the need for shaving.
  • Waterproof feature allows for worry-free outdoor activities.
  • Lock switch prevents accidental shocks, ensuring safety during training.


  • Bungee attachment may be a bit challenging for some users.
  • Wrist strap for the remote may not be the most practical option.


Choosing the right shock collar for long-haired dogs doesn’t have to be a hair-raising experience. My carefully reviewed products offer effective solutions for training challenges. 

From smart designs to versatile features, these collars cater to the needs of big, hairy, or stubborn dogs. Invest wisely in them and you’ll see how your life and the relationship with your dog change over time for the better.

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