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5 (Thick Fur) Best Shock Collars for Great Pyrenees [2024 List]

Best Shock Collars for Great Pyrenees
Written by Abner

Ever been in the trenches, trying to tire out your Great Pyrenees, only to face constant energy? What if you get a collar so effective, it turns a chaotic home into a serene refuge? That’s exactly what this article is about. 

I’ll take you through five shock collars: the Dogtra 1900S, SportDOG 425, PetSpy P620, PATPET, and Educator E-Collar. 

The reviews presented below represent my time with the collars when taming this big breed seemed like an impossible task, but only it was not, thanks to them. 

I will unveil the intricacies, from ergonomic designs to customizable prongs, in this extensive guide. Don’t let this pass – dive into the details below.

Best Shock Collars for Great Pyrenees – A Personal List

Image Name Price
Dogtra 1900S Remote Training Collar Check Price
SportDOG Brand 425 Remote Training Collar Check Price
PetSpy P620 Dog Training Shock Collar for Great Pyrenees Check Price
PATPET Dog Training Collar Check Price
Educator E-Collar for Great Pyrenees Check Price

Let’s get on with it, shall we?

1. Dogtra 1900S – Great Pyrenees Training Collar

An owner was on the brink of rehoming her exceptionally bright yet stubborn Great Pyrenees. Despite countless walks, runs, and attempts at tiring him out, his anxiety and ceaseless energy persisted. 

Ever heard the phrase “A tired dog is a happy dog”? Well, not in his case. His genetic predisposition turned every day into a mental gymnastics fest. 

Separation anxiety, incessant chewing, and relentless crying two feet away from her as she worked from home created a constant struggle.

The turning point came with me and the recommendation to try the Dogtra 1900S Remote Training Collar. With nothing left to lose, I took a leap of faith – and the rest, as they say, is history.

The remote’s ergonomic feel and the absence of a warning beep immediately set it apart. Charging in under two hours and holding its charge for days, this collar proved to be a reliable ally in my training journey. 

The LED indicators on both the collar and remote signaled low battery levels, ensuring uninterrupted training sessions. 

It even came with a dual plug for simultaneous charging – a small but significant detail that showcased the product’s user-friendly design.


Now, for those who scoff at e-collars as cruel torture devices, I ask, why are you here? The Dogtra collar isn’t about delivering a shocking experience; it’s about finding that sweet spot of discomfort that makes your dog reconsider their actions. 

In this case, a stimulation level between 30-35, depending on distractions, became the key to successful training. 

The collar, with its absence of a warning beep, shifted the focus from external sounds to my commands. The result? A dog now constantly rewarded, well-behaved, and a delightful companion in various scenarios.

Ease of Use:

Moving on to the ease of use, the Dogtra collar impressed me at every turn. It charged swiftly, and held its charge, and the straightforward instructions made it a breeze to operate. 

The included lanyard added convenience during walks, and the durable build withstood the dog’s playful antics. 

Comfortable and non-intrusive, the collar fit seamlessly into our routine. 

As a trainer, the thoughtful design elements enhanced the overall user experience, making this collar a hassle-free tool for effective training, I recommend this to gift this to your furry especially on the lap day.


  • Effective in correcting stubborn behavior
  • Sleek and durable design
  • Swift charging, long-lasting battery
  • Absence of a warning beep focuses on user commands
  • Wide range of stimulation levels (up to 127)
  • LED indicators for low battery on both collar and remote
  • Dual plug for simultaneous charging
  • Convenient lanyard for walks
  • Comfortable and non-intrusive on the dog
  • Thoughtful design elements enhance user experience


  • Potential for misuse if stimulation level is set too high
  • Collar receiver may be bulky and heavy for some dogs

2. SportDOG Brand 425 Remote Training Collar

Purchased for another Pyr, this training collar proved to be a valuable tool on the owner’s farm and during hikes or horse rides. The biothane collar, coupled with the unit, provided comfort to the dog during daily use, and there was no sign of wear even after prolonged use. 

Moreover, the waterproof design of the wetland model ensures durability, a crucial feature for a water-loving dog. 

Additionally, the rechargeable unit and remote, with a convenient 2-tail charger, add to the practicality. Plus, the lanyard, included with the remote, makes it easily accessible while riding horses. And the owner was an avid rider.


The collar offers multiple modes, but I found the tone/vibrate mode most effective. Rarely needing to resort to zapping, a gentle 1 continuous was sufficient, especially during cat chases. 

Importantly, the range is ample for off-leash exploration, providing a secure way to reinforce commands from a distance. And the ability to set the collar to the lowest noticeable level is something I highly recommend as it ensures precise control. 

Equally important, the manual provided valuable insights, emphasizing the collar as a complement to leash training and relationship-building.


Having used cheaper models before, the SportDOG collar stood out with its low-end control. Notably, the ability to maintain a tone setting as a clicker substitute for proper behavior was crucial for us, leading to the purchase of a second unit for a second dog on the farm. 

While battery life is not exceptional, it is satisfactory, requiring charging every other day.


  • Valuable tool for farm activities, hikes, and horse rides
  • Biothane collar ensures comfort without signs of wear
  • Waterproof design suitable for water-loving dogs
  • Rechargeable unit and remote with a convenient 2-tail charger
  • Lanyard for easy accessibility during outdoor activities
  • Multiple modes, with the tone/vibrate mode proving effective
  • Precise control with the ability to set the collar to the lowest noticeable level
  • Ample range for off-leash exploration
  • Manual provides valuable insights for proper usage
  • Effective low-end control compared to cheaper models


  • Battery life is satisfactory but not exceptional, requiring charging every other day
  • Batteries run down slowly even when not in use

3. PetSpy P620 Dog Training Shock Collar for Great Pyrenees

The PetSpy P620 Dog Training Shock Collar proved to be a perfect match for a second Great Pyrenees farm dog, renowned for her thick and long fur. 

Initially, I was a little concerned about its effectiveness through the dense coat, but those worries vanished when we observed that the long prongs were just right. 

Furthermore, the adjustable collar accommodated her comfortably. I believe this design consideration for varying fur lengths is a thoughtful touch that will even work in the winter (how cold is too cold for great pyrenees).

Features: Versatile Training Options

Transitioning to features, the range is pretty impressive on this one. While I never pushed it to its maximum range, it reliably worked at 100 feet, providing the flexibility needed on the farm. 

Impressively, the collars maintained durability despite being chewed on by the Pyrenees duo and exposed to water. They continued to function flawlessly. The vibration and tone functions were my go-to choices, offering effective alternatives for reinforcing positive behavior once the dogs were well-trained.

Moreover, the inclusion of a lanyard for the remote was a small yet significant feature. Wearing it around my neck was more convenient than having it in my pocket during training sessions. 

I’d also commend the generous length of the collar strap that ensured a secure fit for those sizable Great Pyrenees.

Effectiveness: A Bark-Controlling Marvel

I was quite interested in testing the product for curbing excessive barking, a common challenge with Great Pyrenees. Despite trying various positive reinforcement methods, nothing worked until I used the shock function once. 

The immediate cessation of inappropriate barking was a relief, and I only regretted not using the collar this way before. Later I relied on the tone feature after which it became a powerful tool for immediate obedience without the need for shocks.


  • Perfect fit for thick fur on Great Pyrenees.
  • Long prongs for effective training.
  • Adjustable collar accommodates varying fur lengths.
  • Thoughtful design for winter coat growth.
  • Versatile training options with an effective range of up to 100 feet.
  • Durable construction withstands chewing and water exposure.
  • Vibrate and tone functions provide humane alternatives.
  • Convenient lanyard for remote during training sessions.
  • Generous collar strap length for a secure fit.


  • Some may find shock collars objectionable for training.
  • The need for a collar even after training may be a drawback for some.

4. PATPET Dog Training Collar

The PATPET Dog Training Collar, with its clean and sleek design, immediately caught my eye. It exudes simplicity, a critical factor for those, like me, seeking an uncomplicated yet effective training apparatus. 

Without a surplus of buttons or overly intricate features, even a novice can seamlessly navigate and utilize the various training modes. 

The design, in essence, is a thoughtful masterpiece, ensuring the remote sits comfortably in hand during those extended training sessions.


Nevertheless, a notable feature—or perhaps the absence thereof—left me yearning for more: replaceable straps. Despite this minor drawback, a replaceable strap option would have been a game-changer, enhancing the collar’s overall durability. 

On a positive note, the collar’s battery life surpassed expectations, offering prolonged usage. Simultaneously, the commendable range allowed me to maintain control over the dogs, even as they playfully wandered a bit.


Talking about the collar’s effectiveness, this is where it truly shines. The dogs responded exceptionally well to the beep function alone, rendering the shock feature seldom necessary. 

In a surprising turn, a previous, more expensive collar succumbed to water damage, making this PATPET collar a delightful revelation in terms of both durability and performance. 

Notably, it withstood frequent dips in the lake without compromising its efficacy, becoming a reliable tool in curbing undesirable behaviors in the dogs under my guidance.

Furthermore, the durability persisted over almost two years, enduring the exuberance of our water-loving Pyrenees. 

Another laudable aspect is the collar’s adaptability to diverse terrains, whether it was the lush parks of Ohio or the arid expanses of Arizona. 

The three modes—beep, vibration, and shock—provided a versatility that allowed me to tailor corrections based on the specific training scenario.


  • Clean and sleek design
  • User-friendly with simple navigation
  • Thoughtful design for comfortable handling
  • Effective beep function for positive reinforcement
  • Prolonged battery life
  • Commendable range for remote control
  • Durable, withstanding water exposure
  • Versatility with three modes: beep, vibration, and shock
  • Adaptable to various terrains
  • Cost-effective compared to pricier alternatives


  • Non-replaceable straps, limiting durability
  • Lack of an option to purchase a second collar separately
  • Some dogs may not like the collar initially

5. Educator E-Collar for Great Pyrenees

I must admit, I was a bit skeptical at first, but as soon as I held it, the build quality blew me away. The ergonomic design not only felt great in my hand but also made those intensive training sessions a breeze.

What really caught my attention was the collar’s sturdiness, a true testament to its “Made in America” origin. 

That factor significantly influenced my decision to give it a try, and it seamlessly combined comfort with durability, making it a trustworthy training companion.


Now, let’s talk about the features – they’re truly something else. The shock feature, when used sparingly, showed its power in correcting behavior swiftly. 

Surprisingly, after just two instances, the vibration mode emerged as the go-to for the dogs, effectively addressing behavioral issues without causing any distress.

And those customizable prongs? They ensured a perfect fit, even for our Pyrenees with their thick fur, showcasing the collar’s attention to detail.

The battery life exceeded all expectations, allowing for all-day wear with minimal charging. 

In essence, the Educator E-Collar not only showcased durability but also functionality that outclassed its cheaper counterparts, establishing itself as a wise and enduring investment.


Transitioning to training a reactive Malamute-Rottie-Great Pyrenees mix was no easy feat, but the Educator E-Collar rose to the occasion. 

Equipped with 3/4″ prongs, it became the indispensable tool needed for effective correction. 

Over just a couple of days, it played a pivotal role in curbing reactive behaviors triggered by ATVs, showcasing its ability to deliver targeted corrections precisely.

Now, switching gears to a German Shepherd-Great Pyrenees mix, the collar seamlessly facilitated off-leash training. Employing the Larry Krohn method, coupled with the collar’s vibration function, ensured seamless communication. 

Even in challenging situations, like encounters with wildlife during mountain hikes, a simple tap on the vibration button sufficed to maintain control.


  • Phenomenal build quality and ergonomic design
  • Effective shock and vibration modes for swift behavior correction
  • Built-in light for easy nighttime visibility
  • Customizable prongs ensuring a perfect fit for thick fur
  • Impressive battery life, requiring minimal charging
  • Versatile application, addressing a variety of behavioral issues
  • Seamless communication during off-leash training
  • Ideal for boundary training and recall, enhancing overall effectiveness


  • Requires learning


In our exploration of shock collars for Great Pyrenees, let me make one thing clear: I didn’t just share devices but your ticket to a well-behaved dog. 

Now I want you to recall our stroll through the Dogtra 1900S, SportDOG 425, PetSpy P620, PATPET, and Educator E-Collar – each unveiling its own magic. 

From ergonomic designs to versatile features, these collars signify a revolution in the way you train your Pyrenees. And I hope that helps you decide your next collar.

As I leave, ask yourself: Can a well-trained, happy dog be just a shock away? The journey begins with you, your Pyrenees, a shock collar, and the unbreakable bond you’re about to forge. Here’s to the thrill of training!

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