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7 (Long-Pronged) Best Shock Collar for Husky [2024 List]

Best Shock Collar for Husky
Written by Abner

Selecting the best shock collar for your Husky demands a careful balance between effectiveness, comfort, and humane training. 

I’ve evaluated top contenders to assist you in making an informed decision. One is the Pet Resolve Bark Collar, a must-have in managing unruly behavior. From sleek designs to shockingly effective features, each collar caters to specific needs.

Whether it’s the Educator E-Collar, YardTrainer by SportDOG, SportDOG 425X, FATEAR Dog Training Collar, or the Bousnic Dog Shock Collar, I’ve dissected their designs, features, and effectiveness to guide you toward the ideal choice for your dog.

Best Shock Collars for Huskies – A Time-Tested List

Image Name Price
Pet Resolve – Best Bark Collar for Husky Check Price
Educator E-Collar – Best Shock Collar for Huskies Check Price
YardTrainer Shock Collar by SportDOG Brand Check Price
SportDOG 425X – Shock Collar with Static, Vibrate and Tone Check Price
FATEAR Dog Training Collar for for Medium, Large, Small Huskies Check Price
PetSpy P620B Dog Training Shock Collar Check Price
Bousnic Dog Shock Collar for Husky Puppies Check Price

Let’s begin reviewing the products that I mentioned above.

1. Pet Resolve – Best Bark Collar for Husky

Using this collar is like an attention-grabbing wake-up call for your pet, ensuring they promptly follow my commands.

Design: Tailored for the Fluffy Beast

At first glance, the Pet Resolve collar flaunts a sleek patent leather look. I admit, I was a bit unsure about its functionality. 

However, it’s not just about appearances; it’s about getting the job done. The extended prongs are spot-on for thick fur, providing a snug fit without any discomfort.

Features: Shockingly Effective

This collar goes above and beyond where others fall short. The shock feature, once a cause for hesitation, turned out to be a game-changer. 

Those stubborn Huskies finally started paying attention, especially during our off-leash adventures. The elongated nodes ensure contact through the double fur coat and believe it or not, the waterproof claim is no exaggeration. 

It survives the splash zone during our canine aquatic escapades.

Effectiveness: Training Triumph

Let’s not beat around the bush – this collar flat-out works. Seriously. No need to worry about shaving spots on your dog’s neck; this collar penetrates the double fur coat effortlessly. 

The range is exactly as described. Charging every other day is a small sacrifice for the peace of mind it brings. The shock factor, far from causing lasting trauma, serves as an effective tool in the training arsenal.

Verdict: Worth Every Penny

The benefits far outweigh the cost, and discovering a product that lives up to its promises is a relief. Despite a few design quirks, it stands tall as a five-star contender in my pet care arsenal.


  • Long prongs for thick fur coverage
  • Shock feature effectively grabs stubborn Husky’s attention
  • Waterproof design lives up to its promise
  • Distance and functionality align with the product description
  • Value for money compared to similar products
  • Training success without the need for shaving
  • Battery life meets expectations


  • Charging cord replacement needed in a few instances
  • The collar might be too shocking for sensitive owners

2. Educator E-Collar – Best Shock Collar for Huskies

In my experience, the Educator E-Collar proves effective with intuitive controls, an illuminating built-in light, and impressive battery life, though the initial cost and the need for breed-specific accessories may pose drawbacks.

Design: Taming the Wild

Navigating the controls initially felt like deciphering hieroglyphics, but once I got the hang of it, the Educator E-Collar proved surprisingly intuitive. 

The ultra comfort pad, addressing the prickly issue of standard prongs on a husky’s neck fur, added a welcoming touch to the design.

Features: Shining Bright in the Dark

As the autumn shadows lengthen, the built-in light on the collar becomes a canine beacon during evening park frolics. 

It’s a simple touch that elevates safety and visibility. The impressive 12-day battery life, enduring a rigorous 3-hour daily workout, doesn’t disappoint.

Effectiveness: From Rambunctious to Respectful

In just a week, the impact on a skittish puppy was unmistakable. The collar excelled in addressing recall challenges, especially for elkhounds. 

Fast forward a month, and the once rambunctious pup exhibits near-impeccable behavior. Walking manners, off-leash commands—the Educator E-Collar is a true canine maestro.

The Bottom Line: Unleash the Potential

Crafted specifically for huskies, this collar’s knack for transforming stubborn behavior is unmatched. 

It’s an investment worth making; grasp the shock factor, and witness your husky evolve from a fur tornado to a disciplined companion.


  • Intuitive controls after a brief learning curve
  • Ultra comfort pad resolves jabbing issues
  • Built-in light on collar enhances visibility
  • Impressive battery life, lasting up to 12 days
  • Effective in transforming stubborn behavior
  • Customizable for various breeds with additional accessories
  • Rugged and durable construction withstands daily use
  • Gradual training reduces the need for shock


  • Additional spending for breed-specific accessories
  • No memory for collar settings, requiring a reset

3. YardTrainer Shock Collar by SportDOG Brand

The YardTrainer Shock Collar by SportDOG Brand significantly improved a husky’s behavior, fostering off-leash reliability and addressing chronic runaway tendencies through effective warning beeps and adjustable shock intensities.


The collar’s design is straightforward, but its effectiveness is what sets it apart. The rechargeable battery, though needing nightly attention, powers through training sessions. However, a heads-up: forgetfulness leads to a dead collar. 

The shock options, from 1 to 8, are potent; level 1 jolted a 50-pound husky more than expected. The vibration is ideal for stubborn breeds, it’s a shock-free success story, making training and recall a breeze.


Moving to the user’s perspective, an owner thanked me for training their dog who was a chronic runaway in just three days. The collar’s waterproof nature, tested on a non-swimmer, adds versatility.


From my experience of working with dog owners, the shock collar skeptics find solace in the SportDOG YardTrainer. 

A once-fence-attacking dog, resistant to all but this collar, learned a valuable lesson. The low setting acted as a deterrent, avoiding emotional scars. 


While its battery demands nightly attention, the shock and vibrate options cater to diverse needs. SportDOG delivers on promises, providing a humane, effective training tool that fosters a deeper connection with your dog. 


  • Effective training tool for diverse breeds, from huskies to German Shepherds.
  • Leash-free yard experiences achieved with consistent use.
  • Warning beep often suffices, reducing reliance on shock.
  • Notable behavior improvements were observed, especially in chronic runaway cases.
  • Waterproof design allows training in various environments.
  • The rechargeable battery offers convenience during outdoor sessions.
  • Versatile shock and vibrate options cater to different training needs.
  • Adjustable intensity settings (1-8) provide flexibility for various dog sizes.
  • Sturdy and durable construction withstands regular wear over time.


  • A nightly charging routine is required; battery life may not last beyond two days.
  • The collar may appear bulky on smaller dogs, like Jack Russells.
  • Limited availability for smaller dog sizes.

4. SportDOG 425X – Shock Collar with Static, Vibrate and Tone

The SportDOG 425X shock collar is built for quick and effective training, customizable shock levels, and durable yet comfortable design, although challenges may arise with huskies having heavy undercoats.

Design: A Shocking Blend of Durability and Comfort

The SportDOG 425X shock collar has a design that balances durability with your dog’s comfort. I found the construction of this collar to be robust yet gentle. 

The sleek design ensures that it doesn’t hinder your dog’s movements, providing a snug fit for effective training without compromising their well-being.

Features: Tailored Shock for Tail-Wagging Obedience

I have trained many huskies using the shock feature only when saying “no.” Taking it slow and ensuring they grasped the concept of “no” before implementation, I witnessed rapid behavioral transformation. 

The collar’s precision allowed me to instill discipline in public, leash training, and recall commands. 

After using it, the result was always a happier, well-behaved husky, proving that the shock collar is not a punitive measure but a tool for effective communication.

Effectiveness: Turning Stubborn Into Submissive

Frustrated by failed attempts with a cheaper collar, I was amazed that within 15 minutes, dogs responded to commands, walked by our side off-leash, and exhibited remarkable behavioral changes. 

The collar used sparingly, turned many stubborn huskies into more submissive and attentive companions, debunking any skepticism about its effectiveness on headstrong breeds.


If you’re dealing with a challenging breed, this collar might be the key to unlocking a well-behaved and happier furry friend. 

Don’t be deterred by past experiences; give your dog the guidance they need with this shockingly effective training tool.


  • Quick and noticeable behavior changes, especially for stubborn or hyperactive huskies.
  • Tailored settings for personalized training, ensuring a humane approach.
  • Robust design ensures longevity, standing up to the energy of huskies.
  • The sleek design provides a snug fit without restricting your husky’s movements.
  • Accelerated learning curve, allowing for faster obedience and discipline.


  • The stigma around shock collars may deter some owners initially.
  • Lacks advanced features like GPS tracking or remote control via smartphone.
  • Inconsistent use or over-reliance on the shock feature could impact long-term training results

5. FATEAR Dog Training Collar for Medium, Large, and Small Huskies

I’ve found the FATEAR Dog Training Collar for Huskies to be a highly effective and user-friendly tool, featuring adjustable prongs, a graduated training system, and long-lasting battery life for successful behavior modification in many huskies.


The FATEAR Dog Training Collar for Huskies boasts a thoughtful design catering to different fur lengths. 

As a husky trainer, I have faced problems with the dog’s coat, but this collar provided two sets of prongs – short for less-furred breeds and long for huskies, malamutes, Akitas, and Samoyeds. 

The adjustable collar ensured a snug fit. The sleek, user-friendly remote features few buttons, preventing confusion during training sessions.


The collar boasts a non-invasive beep. Training dogs with a focus on wildlife proved effective as they associated the beep with correction. Akin to a gentle nudge, the vibration grabbed their attention without causing distress. 

Remarkably, I rarely needed the shock function. The collar’s battery life impressed, lasting weeks on a single charge, and both collar and remote charged quickly with USB-C plugs.


I trained a five-year-old dog with it that transformed from an enthusiastic puller to a well-behaved companion. The collar’s ‘shock’ feature went unused as the ‘vibrate’ function sufficed, offering a humane correction. 

Even with a prey-driven pup, the ‘chime’ went unnoticed, but the ‘vibrate’ became a reliable cue during morning walks and dog park visits. 


Its effectiveness in curbing undesirable behaviors, user-friendly design, and humane features make it a must-have for husky owners. 


  • Adjustable prongs accommodate various fur lengths.
  • User-friendly remote with minimal buttons for simplicity.
  • Graduated training system with non-invasive beep, vibrate, and shock functions.
  • Effective in curbing unwanted behaviors, even for stubborn huskies.
  • Long-lasting battery life for both collar and remote.
  • Quick charging with USB-C plugs.
  • Interchangeable prongs prevent discomfort or scabbing.
  • Suitable for different breeds, not just huskies.
  • Affordable price for high-quality features.


  • Some users experienced remote “sleep” mode delays.
  • A beep sound accompanies the shock button, which can be bothersome.

6. PetSpy P620B Dog Training Shock Collar

After extensive use, I found the PetSpy P620B Dog Training Shock Collar to be a versatile and effective training tool, particularly well-suited for huskies, featuring a thoughtful design with extended prongs for thicker coats, a range catering to various settings, and a seamless remote navigation, albeit with occasional issues and a higher cost.

Design: Mastering Form and Function

Tailored for huskies, the P620B Training Shock Collar impresses with a design that tackles the challenges of thick coats. 

The audible beep slices through the air, grabbing the attention of energetic huskies, while the robust vibration overcomes the coat barrier. 

Features: A Symphony of Training Tools

For a spirited mix of Husky and Border Collie, traditional training methods fell short until the P620B took the stage. Shock used sparingly, yielded to the power of vibration, now a cue for obedience. 

Tailored contact sets for different coat lengths showcase the manufacturer’s understanding. The remote’s seamless navigation empowered control over a mix’s antics on a 7-acre domain.

Effectiveness: From Rebellion to Obedience

That pup’s journey from rebellion to a leash-free companion is nothing short of remarkable. Once a nightly walk lifeline, the collar now symbolizes triumph over disobedience. 

While a lighter-coated Husky faced shock challenges, commendable customer service reflects the brand’s commitment to satisfaction.

Final Verdict: A Canine Maestro

The P620B emerges as a worthy investment, orchestrating canine obedience with finesse.


  • Versatile design suitable for huskies and other large breeds.
  • Adequate range for effective training in various settings.
  • A loud beep and strong vibration ideal for capturing attention.
  • Thoughtful inclusion of two sets of contacts for short and long-haired dogs.
  • Effective in curbing hyperactivity and promoting obedience.
  • Seamless navigation on the remote for easy and quick command delivery.
  • Durable construction stands up to the rigors of daily use.
  • Long-lasting battery life, accommodating extended training sessions.


  • Shock may be less effective on dogs with lighter coats.
  • The initial learning curve for the hierarchy of training features.
  • The remote occasionally requires frequent charging.

7. Bousnic Dog Shock Collar for Husky Puppies

The Bousnic Dog Shock Collar for Puppies is an affordable, user-friendly training essential with effective features, making it an ideal choice for disciplining high-energy huskies and other breeds, despite minor issues with plastic clips and occasional collar detachment during active use.

Design: Efficient and User-Friendly

The Bousnic Dog Shock Collar doesn’t complicate things. Its sleek design is user-friendly, with a remote that fits snugly in hand and well-placed buttons for quick responses. 

The adjustable collar suits husky fur, but a little shave where the prongs touch enhances its efficiency.

Features: Tailored for Stubborn Huskies

Surprisingly effective, the beep feature catches your dog’s attention without a fuss. The shock, tested and true, startles more than hurts – a perfect balance. 

Vibration, my go-to for training, works wonders with an impressive battery life that lasts through extended walks and training sessions.

Effectiveness: Taming the Wild Ones

Dealing with a pack of unruly huskies, the collar worked wonders. The vibration feature proved 99% effective, curbing wild behavior during walks or around crowds. 

Even for a particular horse-chasing dog, a quick verbal command with vibration did the trick. The change is evident, showcasing the collar’s efficiency in handling high-energy huskies.

Verdict: A Husky-Approved Training Essential

The Bousnic Dog Shock Collar efficiently trains, accommodates thick fur, and offers a cost-effective solution for stubborn huskies. 

Its design, features, and effectiveness make it a reliable training tool, leaving me with well-behaved and happy huskies.


  • Affordable alternative to pricier options.
  • User-friendly design for easy operation.
  • Effective sound alarm and vibration features.
  • Shock function startles without causing harm.
  • Suitable for huskies with thick fur.
  • Long-lasting battery life for both collar and remote.
  • Versatile for different breeds and behaviors.
  • Durable construction survives water exposure.
  • Ideal for training high-energy and stubborn dogs.
  • Two-dog collar option available.


  • Plastic clips on the collar could be sturdier.
  • Occasional detachment during active use. 


When selecting shock collars for Huskies, each contender presents a unique set of pros and cons. 

From Pet Resolve’s attention-grabbing shock to SportDOG’s reliability, Educator’s intuitive controls, and Bousnic’s affordability, there’s a tailored solution for every owner. 

Now equipped with insights into these collars’ designs, features, and effectiveness, it’s time to make an informed decision. Invest wisely in your canine companion’s training journey, ensuring a harmonious relationship. 

Choose the shock collar that aligns with your specific needs, and witness the transformation of your Husky from a spirited ball of energy to a disciplined and joyful companion.

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