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7 Best Collars for Doberman (Casual + Shock/Training)

Best Collars for Doberman
Written by Abner

We all know that finding the right collar is more than just a fashion statement; it’s about tailoring the gear to match your pup’s personality and needs.

Today, I’ve got a lineup of Best Collars for Doberman that aren’t just about looks – they’re the real deal, each with its own superpower for effective dog training.

From tactical toughness to leather elegance, behavioral wizards to shock-resistant superheroes – this list has got them all. 

Read on!

Best Collars for Doberman After Trials

Image Name Price
EXCELLENT ELITE SPANKER Tactical Dog Collar Check Price
BONAWEN Leather Dog Collar for Doberman Check Price
Mighty Paw Leather Training Collar for Doberman Check Price
OneTigris Military Adjustable Dog Collar Check Price
PATPET Dog Training Collar Check Price
NVK Dog Shock Collar for Doberman Check Price
SportDOG Training E-Collar Check Price

Let the collar quest begin to find the best one!

1. EXCELLENT ELITE SPANKER Tactical Dog Collar [Recommended] 

When a one-year-old Doberman stepped into my world of training, I was itching to outfit him in the EXCELLENT ELITE SPANKER Tactical Dog Collar.

Indestructible by Design: Chew-Proof Marvel

The Doberman required more than a mere collar; he needed a neck fortress. The layers and metal/Velcro clasps of this collar were the knight in shining armor. Chew-proof and robust, it held its ground against his unyielding nibbling habits.

Weathering the Velociraptor Phase

Navigating the adolescent stage of a Doberman is like taming a full-grown Velociraptor. From 12 weeks to 18 months, the collar gracefully handled the awkward growth phase.

No swaps, no glitches – just a well-crafted, cozy collar, proving its worth, especially when the window replacement guy needed a hasty retreat from the pup’s exuberant greetings.

The Handle: A Lifesaver Feature

A handle on a collar isn’t just an accessory; it’s a lifeline. This became glaringly evident when a Doberman decided to engage the window replacement guy in a tug-of-war. The handle played a pivotal role in a swift intervention, ensuring everyone returned home unharmed.

Fashion Meets Functionality: Style and Substance

Beyond its functional prowess, this collar doubles as a fashion statement. Aesthetic charm meets practicality as it stands out against a Doberman’s black coat. The customizable feature allows for patches, perfect for broadcasting our pup’s ‘in-training’ status during public outings.

Adjustable and Durable: From Pups to Proportions

For your growing canine, the collar’s adjustable design shines. Your Doberman will discover a perfect fit with room to spare for future growth. Two years down the line, the stitching will remain steadfast, a testament to its heavy-duty construction.

Why Do I Recommend It?

Field-tested on the Doberman front, it not only survives but thrives. Whether you’re wrangling a tiny terror or a full-grown force, this collar seamlessly fuses style with substance. It’s an investment that transcends fashion – a guardian angel for your furry companion.


  • Sturdy construction with metal and Velcro clasps
  • Chew-proof design for durability
  • Fashionable with customizable features for patches
  • Adjustable design for a perfect fit as your dog grows
  • Durable stitching stands the test of time
  • Versatile for both small pups and larger breeds [Like, Pitbull’s, boxers]
  • Provides a secure grip with a well-sized handle


  • Initial sizing may be too big for very young puppies
  • Velcro portion can be somewhat tedious during practical use
  • Handle, while functional, may feel a bit small to some users

2. BONAWEN Leather Dog Collar for Doberman

The first thing you notice about this collar is how effortlessly it complements your Doberman’s personality. I tried the black one on many Dobermans, and let me tell you, they looked nothing short of spectacular.

The collar sits proudly above their existing collars, if any, adding an extra layer of flair to her already awesome demeanor.

Personalized Fit for the Big Pups

The medium-sized collar snugly adorned a 90-pound Doberman, highlighting the attention to detail in its design. It’s that rare leather collar that doesn’t just look great but fits like it was tailor-made for your dog.

Quality That Speaks Volumes

Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room—durability. Unlike other spiked collars that might cost you an arm and a leg, this one stands out. The quality is top-notch, with spikes that don’t easily come loose. It’s a relief to find a durable, studded leather collar without breaking the bank.

Why Do I Recommend It?

BONAWEN strikes a chord between style and sturdiness. It promises durability without burning a hole in your pocket. All in all, if you’re looking for a collar that doesn’t just do the job but does it with style, the BONAWEN Leather Dog Collar is definitely worth a look. Your Doberman will thank you for it!


  • Effortless style that complements your Doberman’s personality
  • Personalized fit for different-sized dogs, including big pups
  • Quality design and attention to detail
  • Top-notch durability with secure spikes
  • Affordable compared to other spiked collars
  • Variety of styles for different canine personalities
  • Easy to adjust and well-made


  • Limited information on sizing, may need to order cautiously
  • Limited color options for those looking for more variety

3. Mighty Paw Leather Training Collar for Doberman

The Mighty Paw collars aren’t just any collars – they’re built tough and can handle the might of a 70lb Doberman mix.

The leather, about 3mm thick, stands strong, giving your dogs a comfy and durable fit. No rust, pitting, or color leaks so far – making it a top pick in my collar collection.

Effective Training Tool

What makes this collar a standout is its power to rein in even the most headstrong pullers. I used to rely on a pinch collar, but the Mighty Paw Leather Training Collar has worked wonders in getting a Doberman to yield to leash pressure.

The adjustability suits many differently-sized dogs, ensuring they stay snug and can’t make a great escape, a problem with other collars.

A Versatile Solution

This collar isn’t just for training; it’s a problem solver for behavior quirks too. Take a rescue Doberman with aggression issues – this collar gave her newfound control, keeping potential doggy showdowns at bay. It’s been a savior, easing my mind and helping the dog settle into her new digs.

Size Matters

Despite the collar’s commendable adjustability, don’t skip the crucial step of measuring your dog’s neck right. I goofed with a puppy’s sizing, resulting in a bit of a loose fit. The weight from the chain and leather might mess with the collar’s placement, affecting how well it works. But even with these quirks, it significantly improved the pup’s walking manners.

Mixed Long-Term Effectiveness

Though the Mighty Paw Leather Training Collar rocked the leash control scene initially, I did notice a slight dip in effectiveness over time. It’s not flawless, but compared to other options, it still keeps better control, especially in those early days of teaching better leash manners.

Why Do I Recommend It?

Sure, the sizing and long-term effectiveness might dance around a bit, but the collar’s overall game is strong – earning it a permanent spot in my training kit. If you’re after a collar that can handle the muscle of Dobermans and still get the job done, Mighty Paw is a reliable choice.


  • Sturdy build quality withstands the strength of strong dogs.
  • Approximately 3mm thick leather ensures durability and comfort.
  • Effective in controlling even determined pullers.
  • Suitable for various dog sizes due to adjustability.
  • Versatile solution for training and addressing behavioral challenges.
  • Can significantly improve walking behavior.


  • Sizing accuracy crucial; may result in a loose fit if not measured correctly.
  • Added weight from chain and leather may impact collar positioning.

4. OneTigris Military Adjustable Dog Collar

Fresh out of the package, this collar impresses with its solid craftsmanship, especially when you consider the affordable price tag.

The velcro, a big deal in my book, feels sturdy, giving a nod to its promised durability. Tailored just right for a Doby, the thicker collar snugly fits, offering room for growth without skimping on comfort. You know what they say – a well-measured dog means a snug collar.

Durability Check

Now, let’s talk about durability. This collar stands the test of time, facing daily wear and tear like a champ. The velcro holds strong, and the stitching stays intact without a hint of fraying. The double holes in the buckle and the collar’s width make it a breeze to handle, especially handy for dog owners dealing with mobility challenges, just like me.

Versatility in Handling Different Breeds

Switching gears, let me share how versatile this collar is for different breeds. I’ve trained German Shepherds and Dobermans with it, and I can vouch for its adaptability. It sits securely on a 100lb 2-year-old Doberman and a hefty 98lb Doberman without causing any discomfort.

Tactical Design for Farm Life

Now, onto farm life. Having trained six Dobermans on a farm, I can say this collar’s material is tough yet gentle – a perfect match for the demands of farm life. It’s clean, strong, and adds a sharp touch to your dog’s look.

Collar for the Escape Artists

For the escape artists out there, this collar might be your ace in the hole. The double buckle design ensures a snug fit, leaving no room for slipping or tricky escape moves.

Velcro Size and Aesthetic Appeal

There’s a minor hiccup – the velcro size. I had to make some adjustments for a custom name tag. Yet, this doesn’t overshadow the collar’s overall appeal, as noted by another reviewer whose Doberman looks fantastic in it.

Why Do I Recommend It?

It’s proven its mettle through daily use, standing strong despite rough play and various conditions. If you’re on the hunt for a collar that mixes functionality with a rugged style, this might just be the perfect fit for you and your furry friend.


  • Durable craftsmanship at an affordable price.
  • Sturdy velcro for secure fastening.
  • Thicker collar provides a snug fit with room for growth.
  • Tactical design suitable for farm life.
  • Double buckle design prevents slipping for escape-prone dogs.
  • Clean and sharp aesthetic.


  • Velcro size may require adjustments for custom tags.
  • Limited compatibility with collar attachments like lights.

5. PATPET Dog Training Collar – Best E Collar for Doberman

PATPET’s Dog Training Collar is a real winner, especially if you’re not into shock-centric training.

Design: No More Great Dane-Sized Mistakes

In the past, my attempts at finding the right training collar were like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole—until PATPET came along.

Unlike previous purchases that were better suited for Great Danes, this one delivered on its promise. The collars, decked out in contrasting colors, not only looked sharp but also made it a breeze to tell which of the troublemakers was getting schooled when I was training two dogs at a time.

Remote: Easy-Peasy Control at Your Fingertips

The remote’s smart design made switching between collars a walk in the park. It ensured I could grab the dogs’ attention with the push of a button.

The audible beep and vibration features were like magic, especially when the escape artists tried a backyard breakout. A simple tone threw a wrench in their escape plan, and they haven’t tried it again since—mission accomplished!

Effectiveness: More Than Just a Collar, It’s a Behavior Game-Changer

The PATPET collar showed its stuff in redirecting the dogs’ behavior. For the short-haired pitbull mix, the shock function had its moments of inconsistency. But the audible beep and vibration hit the bullseye, steering her clear of mischief.

On the flip side, the shepherd with longer hair wasn’t as vibed up. Shock? Nah, not her thing. If you’re dodging shock training, these collars still hold their own with the beep and vibrate functions.

The PATPET collar is a jack-of-all-trades, and its charge life has been a rock over the years. While I haven’t thrown it into the water to test its waterproof claim—I’m not keen on dunking a good gadget—the overall durability has stood strong.

Why Do I Recommend It?

The slick design, user-friendly remote, and all-around effectiveness make it a solid investment for anyone in the dog-training game. And for those with a pack of pups, the single remote control is a game-changer—no more juggling remotes like a circus performer!


  • Collars in contrasting colors for easy identification
  • Intuitive remote control for hassle-free toggling
  • Audible beep and vibration features effective for behavior correction
  • Versatile tool with reliable charge life
  • Durable construction stands the test of time
  • Single remote control for multiple dogs is a game-changer


  • Collar may loosen over time, especially for certain color variants

6. NVK Dog Shock Collar for Doberman

Having a spirited Doberman on my hands was a real challenge, and I was nearly pulling my hair out until I stumbled upon the NVK Dog Shock Collar.

Design: A Lifesaver Turnaround for A Doberman’s Behavior!

A Doberman, who used to be a real troublemaker during walks, did a complete 180 within about a day of trying out this collar.

Suddenly, all those distractions that used to drive us both crazy were a thing of the past, and my stress levels took a nosedive. The lock feature became a safety net, ensuring the pup wouldn’t accidentally get zapped, buzzed, or vibrated into oblivion. And let me tell you, the battery life is a rock star – no more daily recharges, rain or shine.

Remote: A Powerful Training Companion

This collar’s remote became my secret weapon in training many dogs. The lock feature, guarding against accidental shocks, is a real game-changer, and the battery life seems to last forever.

Charging is a breeze, and the effectiveness of the collar, coupled with the convenience of the remote, makes it the most budget-friendly trainer in my arsenal.

Effectiveness: Precision Training for Energetic Dogs

I decided to roll the dice on the NVK collar to keep some energetic dogs in check within the boundaries of our unfenced backyard. The three settings – electric shock, vibration, and a high-pitched beep – worked like a charm. Within days, the dogs were running around freely, yet a simple press of the beep button had them obediently heading back my way.

The shock feature, not something I use often, proved to be a lifesaver when we encountered an aggressive deer during our outdoor adventures.

Why Do I Recommend It?

Having dealt with Snow Dogs, I can vouch for their excellent post-purchase support, solidifying my trust in the brand. The NVK Dog Shock Collar has become my go-to training companion, putting the brakes on unwanted behaviors and ensuring that the dogs stay safe.

Yes, the collar and remote might be a tad bulky, but who cares when their functionality is top-notch? The versatility, long-lasting battery, and water-resistant features make this collar a must-have for any dog owner tackling training challenges.


  • Rapid behavior improvement, especially during walks.
  • Lock feature prevents accidental shocks.
  • Superb battery life, no daily recharges required.
  • Powerful and effective remote for training purposes.
  • Cost-efficient compared to other brands.
  • Versatile for various training scenarios.


  • Bulky collar unit and remote.
  • Collars might turn off during intense play if not properly adjusted.
  • Design for changing shock intensity could be improved to prevent accidents.

7. SportDOG Training E-Collar

The SportDOG Training E-Collar is where functionality meets with finesse.

Design: Unleashing Technology with Precision

Let’s talk design – it’s like they’ve shrunk the remote and collar to fit the modern world. The compact remote, smaller than a throwback beeper, slips into my pocket for on-the-fly commands.

The collar, with adjustable extensions for those furballs with a bit of fluff, fits comfortably. My only beef? No counterweight, but a quick DIY fix keeps it in place during a particular Doberman’s energetic shakes.

Remote: Power in Your Palm

The remote is where the magic happens, offering multiple power levels for customizing the training experience. The three-tiered static enforcement, each button with its unique zap level, adds a touch of finesse. With buzz, tone, and shock in the arsenal, enforcing commands becomes a versatile affair.

The impressive range ensures the dog stays in check even on the wildest adventures. Long-lasting charge? Check. Easy setup? Double-check. It’s a reliable sidekick in my daily training battles.

Effectiveness: A Shockingly Effective Game-Changer

I admit, I was a bit skeptical about e-collar discipline. But guess what? It works. The shock, strong but not a pain fest, grabbed the dog’s attention. In a chase-the-FedEx-truck scenario, the collar proved its mettle, bringing him back at warp speed. Signals reaching beyond sight? Consider walks transformed into leash-free bliss.

Why Do I Recommend It?

The SportDOG Training E-Collar, especially the 425XS model, surpasses expectations for stubborn pooches. It smoothly integrates into daily life, with the remote’s power and collar’s effectiveness turning training into a breeze.

Sure, there’s a tiny hiccup with battery life, but for keeping my sanity intact and fostering harmony with a spirited Doberman, it’s a small price to pay. Highly recommended!


  • Effective for stubborn and energetic dogs.
  • Miniaturized design for comfort and portability.
  • Customizable power levels for tailored training.
  • Impressive range for remote commands.
  • Long-lasting charge on both remote and collar.
  • Quick and easy setup.
  • Reliable in bringing back off-leash dogs, even out of sight.


  • Minor battery life concerns.

Conclusion – A Recap

So, when it comes to picking the right collar for your Doberman, it’s all about choosing the collar according to the situations it stays fit for.

Take the EXCELLENT ELITE SPANKER Tactical Dog Collar if you want something tough that can handle your pup’s aggressive phase and gives you a solid grip with its handy handle.

Now, if you’re into a bit of style without sacrificing quality, the BONAWEN Leather Dog Collar might be your go-to for those big, stylish pups.

But let’s talk training – the Mighty Paw Leather Training Collar is like a superhero tool for behavioral challenges, a real multitasker. If you’re dealing with farm life or an escape artist, the OneTigris Military Adjustable Dog Collar has your back with its durability and tactical design.

Now, the PATPET Dog Training Collar takes a different route, focusing on correction without the shock drama – a slick design and an easy-to-use remote.

You may need to use an e-collar, that’s where the NVK Dog Shock Collar can be a game-changer, flipping your Doberman’s behavior script with its versatility and durability.

And don’t even get me started on the SportDOG Training E-Collar – it’s like a high-tech wizard for training, compact, customizable, and shockingly effective.

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