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7 Tested and Tried Best Shock Collar for Pitbulls

Best Shock Collar for Pitbulls
Written by Abner

This guide is a must-check for any dog parent on the hunt for solid training gear. I’ve been around the block as a dog trainer, and I’ve put six shock collars through multiple tests to find the Best Shock Collar for Pitbulls, all geared to tackle the quirks of Pitbull behaviour.


First up is the Dogtra 1900S Series Remote Dog Training Collar – it’s like the people’s champ, keeping your pup in line. 

Then there’s the Educator Dog Training E-Collar strutting its stuff with a hundred levels of stimulation.

If you’re into rugged durability and functionality, the SportDOG Shock Collar is your go-to for off-leash adventures. 

And don’t break the bank, the PetSafe Stubborn Dog Training Collar is the real deal for budget-conscious Pitbull trainers.

For those who like their gear rechargeable and waterproof, the YardTrainer Rechargeable Waterproof Dog Training Collars and the DogCare Shock Collar are the power duo. 

Last but not least, the Bousnic Cheap Dog Training Collar silently but surely gets the job done for all those behavior bugaboos.

Best Shock/Training Collars for Pitbull – Tested and Tried

Image Name Price
Dogtra 1900S Series Remote Dog Training Collar Check Price
Educator E-Collar Check Price
SportDOG Shock Collar for Pitbull Check Price
PetSafe Stubborn Dog Training Collar for Pitbull Check Price
YardTrainer Rechargeable Waterproof Dog Training Collar Check Price
DogCare Shock Collar Check Price
Bousnic Cheap Dog Training Collar for Pitbull Check Price

I’m laying out the good, the bad, and the real-world results for each collar. 

Whether your furball is a leash-puller, a bit feisty, or a master escape artist, these reviews are your roadmap to picking the perfect shock collar for your Pitbull.

1. Dogtra 1900S Series Remote Dog Training Collar – Expensive

I just added a 65-pound Staffordshire Pitbull mix to my family, and handling her leash-pulling and fear of other animals was proving to be quite a challenge.

After some digging, I stumbled upon the Dogtra 1900S Series Remote Dog Training Collar. 

It’s a more wallet-friendly choice compared to the Garmin 550 Pro, and despite not having GPS, it turned out to be a surprisingly effective tool for managing dog behavior.

When the package arrived, the presentation caught my eye. It came in a robust plastic case with foam inserts that reminded me of a gun case – a clear sign of quality.

Let’s Talk Results

To my surprise, my pup responded well right from the get-go, even with the collar set to level 5. Taking the training outdoors was crucial, and the vibration mode or Page feature worked wonders for curbing leash pulling. Trust me, timing is everything, and sticking to the norms of using the collar significantly improved my dog’s behavior.

Tailored for the Stubborn Ones

It’s not just Pitbulls; even other stubborn breeds [Like, Husky, Doberman] showed positive responses to this collar. Take, for instance, a 130-pound Catahoula Leopard Hound mixed with an American Pitbull – a real behavioral challenge. But the Dogtra 1900S managed to grab his attention, outperforming less expensive alternatives.

Freedom Off-Leash Achieved

For fellow pitbull owners dealing with stubborn behavior, this collar is a game-changer. My strong-willed pitbull went from being a leash-pulling troublemaker to a well-behaved companion. Thanks to the collar’s impact, we now enjoy trips to the dog beach with newfound off-leash freedom.

Tackling the Thick Fur Challenge

While the collar impressed overall, it would have been perfect if it came with a tool for adjusting contact points and an extra pair in a different size for dogs with thick fur. But, minor inconvenience aside, the collar’s effectiveness in curbing unwanted behavior overshadowed any shortcomings.

Why I’m Singing Its Praises?

It made distance learning a breeze, put an end to leash reactivity, and transformed my pitbull’s behavior.


  • Effective in addressing leash pulling and correcting undesirable behaviors in Pitbulls.
  • The collar’s stimulation grabs the attention of stubborn or hardheaded dogs, even larger breeds.
  • It’s user-friendly.
  • The vibration mode or page feature is a training game-changer.


  • Unlike the Garmin 550 Pro, the Dogtra 1900S lacks a GPS feature, which might be a drawback for those who crave that functionality.
  • The collar could be better with the inclusion of a tool for removing contact points.

2. Dog Training E-Collar for Pitbull by Educator  Editor’s Choice

What really caught my eye about this collar is the whopping 100 levels of stimulation it offers.

Unlike other brands that limit your intensity options, the Educator stands out for its fine-tuning ability, allowing you to tailor the approach to your dog’s unique needs. 

But here’s a tip before you dive in: always test the waters on yourself before zapping your furry friend because these shock levels can be pretty intense.

Light on Battery, Heavy on Results

Battery-wise, it’s not too shabby, considering what it’s meant for. But a battery indicator, like the one on your phone, could save you from that awkward moment when the collar decides to call it quits during a public correction. 

Despite this, the collar worked wonders after just two uses, putting a stop to my dog’s mad dashes and creating positive vibes all around.

The Dominant Dog’s Delight

Now, for the big dogs – I’m talking about a 100+ pound Pitbull here. The Educator ECollar, especially the ET800TS model, proved to be a real deal. 

It can dish out ample stimulation without maxing out, and the boost control feature? That’s where it really flexes its muscles.

Foolproof Training for the Stubborn Pooch

For those skeptics out there, using the Educator requires responsible training. Do your homework, understand the ropes, and suddenly, this collar becomes a magical wand for behavioral correction. 

Tested on my own stubborn pitbull, it nipped dominance issues in the bud with minimal stimulation, showing off its humane and effective side.

Nifty Features for Easy Handling

Now, let’s talk convenience. The magnetic on/off switch and the addition of a vibrate function shout out that this collar is designed with users in mind. Perfect for reigning in a pitbull’s over-the-top enthusiasm.

Functionality Triumphs, Design Lags

When it comes to looks, the Educator falls a bit short. The lack of physical differences between buttons means you might accidentally give your pup an unexpected jolt. 

Plus, durability took a hit when my puppy decided to make a snack out of the plastic part of the dial. A training tool that can’t handle a little chewing? Not a deal-breaker, but it’s something to keep an eye on.

Why Do I Recommend It?

Well, it sorted out behavioral issues like a pro, it’s user-friendly, and the results speak for themselves. If you’re after a humane and effective training solution, this collar is the real deal.


  • The vibration mode is a game-changer for rowdy puppies.
  • Despite some design concerns, the round transmitter’s odd appearance feels comfortable and intuitive, boosting the overall user experience.
  • Being able to customize the boost level is a godsend for owners of larger dogs that need a bit more oomph.
  • The transmitter controlling the receiver’s light is a smart touch, ensuring visibility in lowlight situations.
  • Improved behavior across the board – focus, recall, and obedience – proves this collar means business.
  • The magnetic on/off switch is a handy addition, making life easier for users.


  • The uniform button shapes might lead to accidental shocks. You’ll need to get familiar with them.
  • Watch out for chewing pups – the plastic part of the dial might not survive the teething phase.

3. SportDOG Shock Collar for Pitbull with Static, Vibrate, and Tone  Best Value

After putting the SportDOG WetlandHunter 425X through its paces for a solid four months, I can vouch for its outstanding performance come rain or shine. 

The battery life is no slouch either – holding a charge all day and bouncing back to full power in no time. And let’s not forget the waterproof design, a must-have for a water-loving pup like mine.

Durable Design for Dynamic Dogs

This collar, decked out in a cool camouflage print, not only looks snazzy but can also handle the daily grind on the farm and intense hikes. With a plethora of adjustments, it seamlessly caters to my dog’s needs. 

The biothane collar takes comfort up a notch, showing zero signs of wear even with daily wear and tear.

Tailored Training for Exploration

When it comes to exploring vast farmlands, this collar has proven itself indispensable. It allowed the dog to roam freely while still obeying recall commands. 

The various modes, especially the tone/vibrate mode, come in handy for reinforcing commands from a distance. It’s not a leash substitute, but it’s a valuable sidekick for ensuring safety during off-leash adventures.

The Defining Beep: Boundary Training Bliss

Now, let’s dive into the defining beep. For those with expansive spaces, this function works like a charm for summoning dogs from a distance. It’s a clear sign of the collar’s prowess in setting boundaries and guaranteeing responsive behavior.

Shock with Precision: Safety in Control

The shock feature, used sparingly, acts as a safety net when necessary. With an adjustable dial on the remote for shock strength, it gives you pinpoint control. Just make sure to follow the instructions to the letter to ensure the collar’s safe and effective use.

The Learning Curve

Now, the learning curve. The lack of crystal-clear instructions for first-timers is a minor speed bump. A quick instructional video could smooth out the wrinkles. But once you get the hang of it, the collar transforms into an invaluable tool for maintaining control and reinforcing positive behavior.

Why Do I Recommend It?

Despite a few reported hiccups, my personal journey with the SportDOG WetlandHunter 425X has been overwhelmingly positive. 

It’s a solid investment for those on the lookout for a reliable, durable, and versatile training collar, especially if your furry friend has a soft spot for water adventures.

The camouflage adds a dash of style, and the overall functionality makes it a go-to for responsible dog owners.


  • Holds a charge all day and charges up in a jiffy.
  • Effective in all weather conditions, be it rain or shine.
  • Durable and fully adjustable.
  • Ideal for recall training and boundary control.
  • The biothane collar is comfy and shows zero signs of wear.
  • Rechargeable unit and remote with a handy 2-tail charger.
  • A lanyard is included for easy handling during outdoor escapades.


  • You’ve got to read the directions carefully to avoid any harm to your pooch.
  • Mixed experiences with shock strength and responsiveness.

4. PetSafe Stubborn Dog Training Collar for Pitbull  Best by Budget

This product was a revelation for the two escape artists that I was training back in March. Within two days of setting up the PetSafe fence, their escape antics came to a screeching halt. No more barbed wire mishaps or prison-like backyards.

From Barbed Wire to Freedom

Previously, my attempts at containment were bordering on the extreme. Barbed wire adorned the owner’s backyard, resembling a high-security prison. Surprisingly, the dogs could dismantle it faster than I could install it. The PetSafe fence, however, changed the game because of its invisible fence.

Quick Canine Comprehension

The training process was a breeze. Starting with the sound and progressing to mild corrections, they picked up the system in no time. Now, they revel in the freedom of the yard without the need for a leash.

Tailored for Tough Pitbulls

With another 100lb pitbull in the equation, the fence proved its mettle. In less than a week, the dog learned the boundaries, even adjusting his behavior when the collar was removed. The system effectively curbed his enthusiasm for visiting the neighbors and chasing after fellow four-legged friends.

Enhanced Focus and Attention

Surprisingly, the fence not only contained the pitbull but also enhanced his overall focus and attention. The newfound ability to adhere to commands, especially ‘stay,’ showcases the positive impact of this training system. His attention span expanded, and he responded promptly to instructions, even outdoors.

Why Do I Recommend It?

The PetSafe provides peace of mind that surpasses traditional methods. Considering its effectiveness, easy setup, and positive behavioral changes observed, I highly recommend this product for pet owners seeking a reliable, humane, and durable containment solution for their furry escape artists.


  • Dogs quickly learn boundaries within a few days
  • Easy installation process with clear instructions
  • Suitable for various dog sizes, including a 100lb pitbull
  • Enhances overall behavior, promoting focus and obedience
  • Alerts with a beep when the battery is low
  • Visible flags help dogs recognize boundaries
  • Quick learning curve for dogs, adjusting behavior in a short time
  • Can be used with different correction levels based on dog sensitivity
  • Allows for flexibility in setting up, and attaching to existing fences
  • Helps prevent chasing behaviors, such as chasing rabbits
  • It can be a lifesaving solution for dogs at risk of getting hurt


  • Initial fence setup may require some time and effort
  • The collar battery may need frequent monitoring

5. YardTrainer Rechargeable Waterproof Dog Training Collars for Pitbulls

In more than a decade of hanging out with an 11-year-old pitbull, the owner was getting worn out by his escapades. 

His lack of recall turned every open door into a chance for a sprint. And then, the arrival of a new puppy signaled that it was high time for a change.

Enter the YardTrainer.

Freedom with a Wag

The YardTrainer worked wonders on the dog’s behavior. The remote, boasting user-friendly controls, had tone, static, and vibrate options. 

Most times, the gentle tone did the trick, sparing us with unnecessary static corrections. Levels 1-2 of static proved super responsive, and the impressive range let us keep control even across a park.

Shifts in Behavior and Extra Freedom

The impact of the collar was nothing short of remarkable. No more door-darting, no getting distracted on walks, and a whole new responsiveness to commands. 

The collar didn’t just keep him in check; it pumped up his freedom, letting him roam with the chickens carefree.

Charging Woes and Tinkering

Despite all the perks, there were a few downsides. Nightly charging for both collar and remote became a bit of a routine, a small price to pay for the newfound freedom it brought. 

Neck sores prompted some adjustments and a bit of extra attention. Keeping the collar loose during downtime when not actively training helped ease the issue.

Small Bumps in the Road

The lanyard turned out to be a pain, and there were occasional delays with the tone button, especially if we skipped a charge. The vibration feature didn’t quite hit the mark for the dog. But in the grand scheme, these were just minor bumps in the road.

Why I’m Giving It a Thumbs Up?

Sure, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution, but the SportDOG Brand WetlandHunter 425X Camouflage collar totally rocked the world for my pitbull. The key is to get the hang of e-collar training techniques, be patient, and stay committed. 

In the right hands, it’s a powerhouse tool for responsibly unleashing freedom. I’m waving the flag for it, especially if you’re willing to put in the time for proper training techniques.


  • Effective in stopping door-darting and distractions on walks.
  • Responsive tone and static options with an impressive range.
  • Enhances the dog’s freedom while maintaining control.
  • Adjustable static levels for different training needs.
  • Reliable for e-collar training techniques when used properly.


  • Requires nightly charging for both collar and remote.
  • Uncomfortable lanyard.
  • Occasional delays in the tone button, especially after skipping a charge.

6. DogCare Shock Collar with Beep, Vibration, and Shock Modes for Pitbulls

The old-school ways of training, combined with shelling out big bucks for professional help, didn’t do much for a bunch of Pitbulls. 

The biting habit stuck around, causing stitches and pushing the owners to the point of needing a serious solution.

Seeing the Collar in Action from a Pup’s Point of View

Training those dogs, on day one with the collar, I went all-in on the vibration and tone features. Just a short 5-minute session, but it set the stage. 

As the days rolled on, the progress was hard to ignore, especially during our walks. 

The collar took charge of the Pitbull’s overenthusiastic greetings without resorting to a good old choking leash. The secret weapon? The vibration feature redirects attention like a champ.

Shocking Truths and Shifting Behaviors

When rough play escalated to unwanted biting, it was time to switch to the static feature. Figuring out the right intensity? A bit of a puzzle, but after some trial and error, we nailed the sweet spot. 

Commands like “shiiii” and “ahhh” became the soundtrack to static corrections, drawing clear boundaries during playtime. Three days in, and the collar was earning its keep, putting a dent in those biting incidents.

A Tool for Transformation: From Doubt to Thankfulness

Even for a seasoned dog trainer like me, this collar was a revelation. Skepticism lingered in the air, but the results were too loud to ignore. It took a bite-y situation that could have led to rehoming and turned it into a growth opportunity. 

The price was right, and the collar’s many functions made it an invaluable tool for steering our Bulldog in the right direction.

Why I’m Singing Its Praises

Sure, there are little things that could be better, like making the collar comfier and tweaking the size adjustment. But when you weigh that against the collar’s power to transform a Pitbull’s behavior, those are just minor blips. 

To my fellow dog parents dealing with behavioral headaches, my advice is to grab the DogCare Shock Collar and witness the shockingly effective results for yourselves!


  • Works like a charm for recall training, especially over long distances (80 yards).
  • The beep is loud and grabs your dog’s attention.
  • Both the remote and collar boast a battery life that goes the distance.
  • Handy lock feature on the remote to prevent accidental corrections.
  • Easy-peasy to use and set up.
  • Gives a quick and immediate response, perfect for behaviors like jumping, pulling, and excessive barking.
  • Aces at curbing specific habits like peeing inside, nipping, and chasing critters.
  • Affordable compared to other options out there.


  • Both the collar and remote need a nightly charge.
  • Lanyard might be a bit uncomfortable for some users.

7. Bousnic Cheap Dog Training Collar for Pitbull

Lina, an adventure-seeking dog, needed a fix for her outdoor escapades. That’s when the Bousnic collar entered, and suddenly, walks became a breeze. 

A simple flash of the remote during encounters with fellow dogs turned her into the picture of canine politeness. This collar, silent but effective, spoke a behavioral language that made all the difference.

Facing the Fence Fiasco

Another dynamic duo, an older Boxer and an enthusiastic Pitbull turned fenceline antics into a daily drama. The routine of running and barking at the neighbors’ dogs became a tiresome nuisance, disrupting the peace of the owner’s surroundings.

Cue the low-level shock feature on the Bousnic collar, strategically applied during their fence escapades. The once predictable sprint toward the fence transformed into a quick retreat to the patio. 

Morning rituals of collar donning became a preventive measure, nipping unwanted behaviors in the bud and restoring peace.

Putting It Together, No Rocket Science

Assembling the collars was a walk in the park, although a couple of mysterious metal pieces didn’t quite find their home – yet, the collars worked like a charm. 

The user-friendliness extended to their simple operation, plus the added bonus of controlling two collars with one remote.

Shockingly Powerful – in a Good Way

The shock power exceeded expectations. Even usually unyielding Pitbulls felt the impact with just half the power. 

Despite being slightly oversized, the collars got the job done. The effectiveness of the product shone through as our resilient dogs responded to stimuli they’d typically ignore.

Strategic Beeping and Vibrations

In one instance, dealing with friendly Pitbulls facing new fence-sharing challenges, the beeping feature did wonders to deter unwanted behavior. 

Vibrations proved enough, leaving the shock option unexplored. A nuanced approach tailored to individual dogs showcased the collar’s adaptability.

Why I’m a Fan?

From curbing incessant barking to deterring fence-related antics, the Bousnic collar caters to a range of canine behaviors. 

While experiences may differ, the collar’s potential stands out, providing a practical approach to tackling behavioral challenges. 

A gentle reminder to use shock features wisely and tailor your training to your unique furry friend. The Bousnic collar might just be that missing piece in your canine behavior toolbox.


  • Effectively halts barking and disruptive behavior.
  • Convenient for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Vibration mode offers a humane and immediate response.
  • Useful for training and maintaining good behavior during walks.
  • Manages fence-related nuisances and keeps dogs at bay.
  • Packs a strong shock, effective even for tough-nut dogs.
  • Adjustable tones for different dogs with varying temperaments.
  • Protective covers over metal prongs prevent discomfort for the dog.
  • Well-built collars suitable for rough play.
  • Effective in high-stress environments and during new interactions.


  • The collar might be a tad big for some users.
  • Limited ability to charge both collars simultaneously.

Final Word

When it comes to picking the perfect and Best Shock Collar for Pitbulls, you’ve got to play smart. 

Consider your dog’s quirks and habits before diving into the Dogtra 1900S, Educator E-Collar, SportDOG WetlandHunter 425X, PetSafe Stubborn Dog Training Collar, YardTrainer Rechargeable Collars, DogCare Shock Collar, or the Bousnic Collar – they’re all packing different tricks for different training scenarios. 

But, hey, don’t go throwing these shockers around like confetti. Training time is a dance, and you’ve got to step carefully. Your pooch’s comfort and limits are non-negotiable.

Stick to the training playbook, nail the timing, and if you’re feeling a bit lost, don’t be shy to call in a pro trainer. Safety first, folks – no shortcuts.

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